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New 'Short Story Kiosk' Now at the Hyattsville Library

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Image of New 'Short Story Kiosk' Now at the Hyattsville Library

Hyattsville public library

The Hyattsville public library now has a new kiosk that dispenses famous short stories and poems for free. Designed by French publisher Short Édition, the small kiosk prints out a story on a narrow strip of paper that resembles a receipt, but is thicker.

Visitors to the Hyattsville library can choose from one-, three-, or five-minute reads. The selections include famous poems and short stories in the public domain as well as works from Short Édition’s own catalog, and the authors receive royalties for their pieces.


[US] Cupcake A.T.M.s and Fire Pits: What You Love at the Airport

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Image of [US] Cupcake A.T.M.s and Fire Pits: What You Love at the Airport

The short-story vending machine at Edmonton International Airport in Alberta. The stories are free and come in various lengths depending on how long you want to read. (Credit : Edmonton International Airport)

For many travelers, airports are places to pass through as swiftly as possible, not places to savor. The incessant drone of announcements, the frustration of being shut out of increasingly exclusive lounges, the overpriced food, the serpentine lines and the fruitless search for an electrical outlet all can make for a hellish experience.

But every now and then an airport can offer unexpected and delightful amenities that ease travel’s pain points. [...]

Mr. Tsutsui was one of more than 1,300 people who responded when we asked readers to tell us about their favorite airport amenities. Their suggestions included, yes, yoga rooms (at San Francisco International Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, and Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, among others) but also short-story dispensers, tranquil gardens, even a swimming pool.

Here’s a list that might make your next layover actually enjoyable. [...]

Hit Vending Machines : 
At Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, a kiosk dispenses free short stories of different reading lengths (one, three or five minutes) by local authors, printed on what look like long receipts and available in French or English. The dispenser was created by a French company, Short Édition, that specializes in brief works and is trying to encourage reading for fun (located after security on the departures level by Gate 60).

Edmonton International Airport  


[US] Kansas Airport Has A Short Story Dispenser

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I like to travel but I’m not a very good packer. Admittedly, I usually forget something and end up having to buy it at the airport or my final destination. That’s usually not a big deal. [...] 

Flying without something to read is unthinkable to me. It used to be that I could count on finding a magazine on the plane, but that’s not always the case now. Since the pandemic, the presence of those in-flight magazines has been hit or miss. Therefore, I have to pick up some reading material at an airport bookshop or newsstand. But if I’m ever flying out of the airport in Wichita, Kansas, I’d have another option: the short story dispenser.

According to the Wichita Public Library, Wichita became one of four cities to receive Short Édition short story dispensers thanks to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in 2018. 

Wichita Public Library  


[US] SEPTA stations get makeover for reading campaign

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Image of [US] SEPTA stations get makeover for reading campaign

Manoj Simha reads a short story distributed by a newly established kiosk at SEPTA’s Tasker-Morris station. Jack Tomczuk

Underground, at the Broad Street Line’s Tasker-Morris station in South Philadelphia, there’s now a mini-library. Riders, by placing their hand over touchless buttons, can now get free short stories, printed on store receipt-like paper. Many of the tales were written by local students.

The kiosks, which are also at the BSL’s Erie station, are part of a campaign unveiled Wednesday to engage kids and families taking SEPTA — and, ultimately, to boost literacy levels among the city’s children.


San Francisco BART wants to get riders back with short stories

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Many of us have whiled away the minutes on a bus or a train with a book. Now the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, the public transportation authority of San Francisco, is looking to attract riders back to public transportation by distributing short stories at select stations. 


[US] A Train Trip With A Story on the Side

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Image of [US] A Train Trip With A Story on the Side

Short Story Dispenser at Pleasant Hill BART Station. Photographer: Maria Avila/BART

In unassuming corners of metro and train stations in cities all over the world, beyond the ticket machines and behind the throngs of people, there are vending machines that spit out stories. Even though I’ve apparently walked past one of the short story dispensers installed in four Bay Area Rapid Transit stations several times, I never knew they existed – until last week. 


[US] Your BART story: Transit agency solicits literary works to boost ridership

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Image of [US] Your BART story: Transit agency solicits literary works to boost ridership

The Short Édition fiction dispensers print out stories that take one, three or five minutes to read. Courtesy BART / BART

In an attempt to regain attention after a pandemic ridership drop, BART is willing to try anything — including commissioning new literary works.

The transit agency has started soliciting entries for a short fiction contest, the finalists of which will be available via story dispensers on BART platforms to be printed and read during a train ride home.

“(People) don’t think about BART and art. We’re trying to change that,” said BART Chief Communications Officer Alicia Trost. “So many transit systems across the world have beautiful art, and we’re trying to find ways we can afford right now to bring art in the stations.


[US] SEPTA turning everyday commutes into colorful reading adventures with new campaign

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While kids are commuting with their parents, SEPTA hopes families will use that time to discover the joy of reading. They kicked off the colorful, story-filled literacy campaign Wednesday in South Philadelphia called "Come Aboard the Reading Promise."




[US] Short-story dispenser gives a shot of literature with your latte

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Image of [US] Short-story dispenser gives a shot of literature with your latte

The Short-Story Dispenser resides at The Station coffee shop on Beacon Hill, for stories on demand.

Customers of The Station coffee shop on Beacon Hill can now grab a free story to read with their cup of joe.
The Seattle Public Library’s first short-story dispenser, produced by French publishing company Short Édition and supported by donors to the Foundation, was installed at the café near the Beacon Hill light rail station in December.


Vending Machine Containing Literature Comes To South Coast

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There’s a new kind of vending machine on the South Coast that pops out literature. The Squire Foundation and the Santa Barbara Public Market are introducing the Short Edition Short Story Dispenser to the Santa Barbara Community.

The Squire Fondation  


[UK] Bernardine Evaristo shines light on black authors

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Image of [UK] Bernardine Evaristo shines light on black authors

The Short Story Stations at Canary Wharf are the first of their kind in the UK

AWARD-WINNING author, poet and activist Bernardine Evaristo has joined forces with Canary Wharf to make short stories from up and coming black authors available for free to thousands of people throughout Black History Month.

The Booker Prize winner has selected five black authors to have their stories published in Canary Wharf’s Short Story Stations – the innovative vending machines that will dispense one, three and five minute stories for free to help raise the profile of black writers.

Canary Wharf  


[UK] News in pictures

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Image of [UK] News in pictures


Irenosen Okojie, Bernardine Evaristo and Nicola Williams unveil their short stories, which have been added to the Short Story Stations at Canary Wharf, London, to celebrate Black History Month

Canary Wharf