The Short Story Cube

New Energy and a Fresh Beat

To help lollygaggers become book worms by getting kids in the habit of reading short bites for fun and enticing creative thinking and analysis, with a hands-on classroom experience.

The Short Story Cube is a more portable-affordable version of the Short Story Dispenser for teachers and librarians on the go. It is a new tool to help teach elusive and intangible “skills’ through the unique way of delivering short fiction... on eco-friendly paper.

The Cube is destined to provide new energy and a fresh beat to the intense screen-based learning by allowing teachers and librarians to conduct a symphony of stories, at their fingertips, and a new kind of literary pulse.

Have American kids meet French protagonists, British pirates, and Chinese superheroes....... From the excited rush of emotions after brushing hands with a crush in the lunch room to the thrill of soaring through the sky on the scaly back of a trusted dragon, our young adult catalog provides fast paced and exploratory tales written for those who find themselves in the years between childhood and adulthood.

Our classics catalog is filled with works that have withstood the test of time and are still just as poignant. From Robert Frost’s crisp imagery to T.S. Eliot’s clever ponderings, this catalog merges classic literature with innovative distribution. We’re pretty sure Mr. Frost and Mr. Elliot would approve.

Some Ideas to Inspire Your Readers

For Whom?

The Short Story Cube is destined for middle-school English & foreign language teachers to use within their curriculum, and librarians conducting summer reading & writing programs, so educators can orchestrate a symphony of storytelling.

For all the abibliophobes in middle school, the Short Story Cube is here to intrigue the bookworms, captivate the lollygaggers and indulge the excentric, all those out there looking for buttons to press and written words to explore.

The Essential


Our content… and yours!

Through the Short Story Cube we provide access to all our collections, organized by age group, language, contemporary, classics or theme. When combined to a Short Story Portal (see below), you can also publish your students' works! The combination of both mediums, in the classroom & online, inspire creative thinking & analysis.


Admin Portal

Real-time monitoring of each Short Story Dispenser (statistics by location, paper consumption), alerts informing managers when a roll of paper is running out.



Very little staff attention necessary.



Nothing to configure. Plug it in and read!


No wifi, no wire.

3G connection is simpler!



Option to have motion activated buttons on the Dispenser.



Printed on eco-friendly paper, which is certified FSC and BPA free. Recyclable.
Thanks to printing on demand, no waste, no ink, and no cartridge.

The Toolbox

The Short Story Cube can be connected to the Short Story Portal so that educators can more easily teach creative writing and intangible “soft skills”. The unique concept helps educators create reading and writing exercises, individual work, community “publishing” activities, brainstorming and analysis, interactive learning and story building.

  • See how easy it is for educators to program reading and publish student works (here)