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The Short Story Dispenser

Short Édition created the Short Story Dispenser in 2016, to share the works of our authors and offer free short stories readings to people, in unexpected places. The Short Story Dispenser is patented and received the "Tech for a better world" award at CES.

Our Short Story Dispensers are delivering fiction to the public and breathing new life into the art of storytelling.

The Dispensers are connecting readers across countries and cultures by publishing contemporary short stories, free of charge.

This innovative design provides people with literary experiences in unexpected places: from airports to libraries, cafes, universities and Francis F. Coppola’s wineries. The list goes on and on.

We currently have more than 300 installed around the world from San Francisco to Melbourne, Hong-Kong, Paris, London and Philadelphia… and in total they've printed more than 5.6 million stories. For free!

What to Know


Our content… and yours!

The content comes from our community publishing platform, where we regularly publish Short Circuit, our quarterly review, and The Current, a series showcasing previously published works. We also select stories and poems from our clients' communities, giving your local authors a chance to be published internationally.


Art for free!

Visitors are surprised by an unexpected and original invitation to read: literature within reach!
They can choose how long they want to read: 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Totally free.



Your logo on the backlit panel.
The paper features your logo as a signature in the footer.
Option of sending a specific message to your visitors.


Admin Portal

Real-time monitoring of each Short Story Dispenser (statistics by location, paper consumption), alerts informing managers when a roll of paper is running out.



Very little staff attention necessary



Nothing to configure. Plug it in and read!


No wifi, no wire

3G connection is simpler!



Option to have motion activated buttons on the Dispenser



Printed on eco-friendly paper, which is certified FSC and BPA free. Recyclable.
Thanks to printing on demand, no waste, no ink, and no cartridge.

What Can the Dispenser Do for You...

The Short Story Dispenser is a fantastic way to leverage involvement, engagement and connections. It’s highly appreciated by public libraries for its use in engaging local communities, by universities and schools for its ability to showcase student talent, and by companies for enabling them to provide customers a unique experience.

Click below to learn more about how the dispenser can help you with your specific objectives:

Showcase Your Student Talent  Engage Your Community  Enhance Your Customer Experience

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Francis Ford Coppola, Our Godfather

For the film director, Francis Ford Coppola, it was love at first sight when he saw an article in The New Yorker about the Short Story Dispenser. He immediately hopped on a plane to Paris to be the first to offer creative writing via the Dispenser in his Zoetrope Café in San Francisco.

“I love to give art for free to people." - Coppola, 2017

Not only is Mr. Coppola a Short Édition fan to date, but he has also invested in Short Édition’s capital to feed the company’s international development - We can't thank him enough for his inspiring support!

Fast Facts about Short Édition

  • French Publishing House founded in 2011 by 4 co-founders passionate about short stories and poetry
  • Offices in Grenoble, Paris (France) and Philadelphia (USA)
  • 20+ employees
  • Strategic partner: Francis Ford Coppola
  • 300+ Short Story Dispensers (new medium, US patented) installed across five continents
  • 35M+ readings via Dispenser printouts and on our websites
  • Authors have a contract with Short Édition, which protects them, gives Short Édition responsibility for managing their creative output and enables them to receive yearly royalty payments
  • Distribution center in Rochester Hills, MI
  • Over 160 writing contests organized for our writing community and clients
  • 2000+ press articles, reports and interviews from media worldwide
  • 60M+ shares and views on social media

Showcase your Student Talent  Engage your Community  Enhance your Customer Experience