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Latest news 03-19-2023

[JPN] Novels while you wait

Image of [JPN] Novels while you wait
Image of [JPN] Novels while you wait

A vending machine of stories that fascinates the world

And Francis Ford Coppola as well

Japan is often referred to as a "vending machine superpower" because of the abundance of vending machines on every street corner. In Europe, on the other hand, vending machines were not popular because of their negative impact on the landscape and environment. However, unique vending machines have appeared in recent years. In France, there is a vending machine that provides you with stories that have fascinated people around the world.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, the gateway to France, is crowded with tourists and business travelers from all over the world. In Terminal 2, there is a station for trains heading to central Paris and other destinations. People were passing the time in the waiting area. Most of them were staring at their smartphone screens.


[UK] Bernardine Evaristo shines light on black authors

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Image of [UK] Bernardine Evaristo shines light on black authors

The Short Story Stations at Canary Wharf are the first of their kind in the UK

AWARD-WINNING author, poet and activist Bernardine Evaristo has joined forces with Canary Wharf to make short stories from up and coming black authors available for free to thousands of people throughout Black History Month.

The Booker Prize winner has selected five black authors to have their stories published in Canary Wharf’s Short Story Stations – the innovative vending machines that will dispense one, three and five minute stories for free to help raise the profile of black writers.

Canary Wharf  


[UK] Free short story vending machines delight commuters

Image of The Guardian
Image of [UK] Free short story vending machines delight commuters

The Death of Mr Robinson, a one-minute read printed by a free short story vending machine in Canary Wharf station. The story was commissioned for the project from novelist Anthony Horowitz. Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

‘Short story stations’ in Canary Wharf print one- three- and five-minute reads on demand “Every single day,” says Paresh Raichura, “I’m on the lookout for something new to read.” On his hour-long commute to Canary Wharf, where he works for the Financial Ombudsman, he picks up Time Out or a local paper or the freesheet Metro, but says: “I’ve stopped reading all the long novels I used to read.”

Canary Wharf  


[UK] Short story vending machines to transport London commuters

Image of The Guardian

The machines, made by French company Short Édition, will dispense free one, three and five-minute stories … with the first penned by Anthony Horowitz. Weary city workers will have a new way of passing the time on their commute once the UK’s first short-story vending machines are installed at Canary Wharf this week.

Canary Wharf  


The Short Story Dispenser. — Heather Molina

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Image of The Short Story Dispenser. — Heather Molina

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My morning or afternoon walk will usually take me over to the Copley/Prudential malls, which are only 10 minutes away from me. And every time I head into the Prudential side of the mall, I stop off at this thing that I discovered a few months ago...

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