The Short Story Disc

Waiting never felt so story-licious!

Waiting never felt so story-licious! Savor captivating reads for a delightful wait-scape

Modernize your waiting room with a Short Story Disc, in your logo & colors and let your clients and patients know that you support their well being with a good read.

A 100% Digital Solution for Everyone, Everywhere

The Short Story Disc is a digital, accessed via QR code, version of the Short Story Dispenser so readers everywhere can read unlimited content for free on their smartphone. It is a new solution, easy to install on any wall space, to encourage reading for pleasure in waiting rooms, transportation hubs, and cafés…or anywhere you would like to create a memory in your space.

Promoting the Short Story Disc, shows that your business supports the arts and especially that you are actively elevating literacy awareness for all.

Make People Feel better and Distract them Positively

Make People Feel better and Distract them Positively

The Disc is destined for smaller businesses, cafés or areas with multiple waiting rooms to allow the public to enjoy a good read to improve wait times and help services improve upon their customer satisfaction.

Retailers, Public Transportation hubs, Hospitals, Universities, Airports and any other service-based business can now conduct a symphony of stories and comics by offering a new kind of literary pulse to their clientèle in wait.

The Essentials


Our content… your stats!

Through the Short Story Disc we provide access to all our collections, organized by age group, reading time, language or genre.



As simple as hanging it on the wall, it is activated when readers flash the QR code, they have direct access to Short Édition works. No login necessary - unlimited access while the application is running.


Admin Portal

Real-time monitoring of each Short Story Disc : scan statistics & total number of reads by location and heat map.



Your logo atop the Disc which can be a solid color of your choice, or one of our designs.

Modernize Your Waiting Room

Select from a variety of designs and colors in harmony with your interior design: Modernize Your Waiting Room

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