Contest Voting Process

How Does It Work?

It’s actually quite simple. Depending on how active you have been on the website (number of stories read, comments posted, votes…), you are granted from one to five votes, which you can attribute to each and every competing text. When voting for a work, you can select the number of votes you wish to give it depending on how much you liked it.

It allows you to:

  • vote for every work you like;
  • boost your favorite works by awarding them more votes;
  • support a wide range of works while being able to weigh your votes based on your preferences;
  • give a maximum amount of points to your very favorite stories.

Remember, any vote towards a work means you want to show your support for it. Even if you have several votes available, awarding only one vote does not mean that you are giving the competing text a bad score. Each vote is irrevocable, so if you did not like what you have just read, simply do not give it any vote.

Our intent behind granting active readers more votes is to give our most dedicated community members more say in the voting process.

How Can I Be Granted More Votes To Distribute?

The number of votes available to your account depends on your activity on Short Édition’s website.

New member: You have just created your account and entered Short Édition’s online community. Welcome! You can give one vote to each work you like.

Active member: You are starting to like it here and you have pushed your exploration a bit further by sending us your own work or commenting under a post. Each of your votes can now be weighted by awarding up to three votes per work.

Regular member: You feel at home with us now. Maybe you’ve even published something with us. You enjoy discussing your opinions on works with other members, you support your favorite authors, and you have read a large variety of stories. You are free to give up to four votes per work.

VIP member: There is nothing you do not know about the platform. You have explored every nook and cranny, discovered secret passageways that we ourselves do not even know about… Each of your votes can now be weighted by awarding up to five votes per work.