Voting Process

Short Édition is a community editor of short fiction. Members of our online community are always invited to take part in our editorial review and selection of works to be published on our website.

In order for readers to be able to indicate their favorite works, we have come up with a transparent voting system, which allows each reader to attribute one or more “stars” to a story based on the extent to which he or she appreciates it.

Short Édition Editorial Team + Online Community: A Double Selection makes for the fairest selection!

The online community selection of works is always accompanied by the selection of our Editorial Team. Our Team is always taking into account exceptional stories that might not be selected by the public because of a lack of visibility or notoriety of the author. If a work deserves to be in the spotlight, our team is there to be sure it’s in the running!

How does it work?

This voting system is very easy to use. When voting for a story, select the number of stars you wish to attribute based on how much you like it. Depending on how active you are on the site, you will be able to attribute one, two or three stars to your favorite stories.

This allows you to:

  • Vote for the works that you especially enjoy
  • Adjust your vote based on how much you like the work
  • Give a maximum amount of points to your very favorite stories

If your member badge allows you to give more than one star, keep in mind that even one star is a show of support for the story. Attributing only one star to a story does not mean that you’re giving it a bad score! If you don’t like a story, simply don’t give any stars at all.

The voting system rests on the possibility to adjust or modify your vote. Depending on how active you are on Short Édition’s online community, you can measure your support for works in giving them one to five stars. Our goal is to give the most active readers in the online community more weight in the voting process.

The number of stars that you give to each work depends on the reading badge attributed to your profile.

The Badges

New Member Badge: You are new to the Short Édition online community, so you can give one star to each work that you like.

Active Member Badge: You are just beginning to explore and enjoy the button fiction on Short Édition’s online platform. Each of your votes can be adjusted in giving up to three stars per work.

"The Regular" Member Badge: You have become a regular on the community platform, and you love discussing with the other members, supporting your favorite authors, and reading a variety of stories. Each of your votes can be adjusted in giving up to four stars per work.

VIP Member Badge: You have mastered the community platform and you're in the know on all things, from every nook and cranny to the secret passageways that we ourselves don't even know about... Each of your votes can be adjusted in giving up to five stars per work.

Concerning votes and the use of Facebook or other Social Media Platforms

We know that certain authors are unhappy with others’ use of social networks to promote their works. The system is not perfect, we know it, but we would like to make a few important comments on this subject:

  • Social media allows writers, especially emerging ones, to make it known to their network that they are writing and that they wish to be read.

  • This first wave of readers brought by the author creates an initial energy and activity on our platform that we can then build from and, ideally, maintain. A writer whose work is read several thousand times does not have several thousand Facebook friends. It’s the Short Édition community that generates these second and third waves of readers—often the most dedicated and passionate ones.

  • For each contest, our Editorial Team members select their own finalists and winners without taking into account the number of votes or the community comments. Thus you can certainly be selected even if you do not wish to share and promote your story on social media.

  • We believe that, despite some flaws, the voting system and the social network resources – as long as they are moderated by the Editorial Team – are, together, a good mechanism for encouraging and giving momentum to short fiction. We are also always working to make small improvements, necessary corrections and large innovations to make our voting system as fair as possible.