The Short Story Portal

Helping Educators Teach Soft Skills

Inspiring creative thinking and analysis is a difficult challenge for teachers and Short Édition has developed a web-based Short Story Portal to provide students with a platform for creative writing, to boost student creativity.

The Short Story Portal, a low-cost digital plaform, allows teachers to publish student’s creative writing, as they learn to develop characters, plots, enrich vocabulary, while perfecting grammar & spelling.

Creative writing helps students: build communication skills and confidence, is a voice for internal emotion and a liberating outlet in a rigid academic curriculum, preparing them for a creative future.

“You Are Published!”

The Short Story Portal also offers short bites of fiction to increase diversity through literature.

It allows students to learn the pleasure of reading for fun while teachers enable creative thinking through collections of stories of diverse genres, languages, reading levels, and encourage critical analysis and interactive learning with their classmates.

Hundreds of age-appropriate stories to entice them to read more, for fun!

Some Creative Writing Ideas

Easy and Simple

Interactive learning is memorable and engaging and especially when educators have the tools to enable creative thinking. Programming content & publishing student’s stories is easy & simple, and in just 5 minutes you can prepare your learning activities and change content at will.

Connect to the Short Story Cube or Dispenser

  • Understand and work through the publication experience with students on the Short Story Portal
  • Build a literary collection for your school with exploratory tales written by students, written sensitively, and covering all genres and themes
  • Publish the very best student works, either via contests or classwork, and share them on a Short Story Dispenser or Cube for the whole school to read at recess
  • ‘You are published!’ – students can take home their published stories on eco-friendly paper

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Customer Stories Say it Better

Showcase Student talent

Publication during lockdown

The Short Story Portal has enabled my library to provide hundreds short stories and comics to our students during a year when all students have been at home during lockdown. Our library has created monthly short story and art contests to provide library engagement around creative writing, with the sole prize of having winning entries published on the online portal and on our physical Short Story Dispenser. Dozens of students have participated in these contests, and students, staff, and parents have been thrilled to have these opportunities for both school engagement and… publication!

Kristen Lee,

Head Librarian Fletcher Middle School,
Palo Alto, California