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Short Édition: the community publisher of short literature

Short Édition’s aim is to adapt literature to the modern world by combining short stories, community and technology.

The Platform

With enthusiasm and humour, Short Édition brings together a community of readers and authors who share the same passion for short stories.

Our company provides readers with an original mix of short stories, short comics, poetry and very short stories: anything that you can read in less than 20 minutes. It gives to authors a new opportunity to be visible and to have their work published. We involve both readers and authors in the publishing process by letting them evaluate the stories so that the public can enjoy reading the best authors.
The French startup Short Édition was created in 2011. Since then it has published 17 00 authors, generated more than 20 million readings and has more than 200,000 subscribers on its collaborative platform (available on all types of devices). In 2015, with the continued objective to innovate, they launched “Short Édition for young readers”: the first website dedicated to short literature for children aged from 8 to 12 years old.

The Short Story Dispenser

Recently, Short Édition designed and created the Short Story Dispenser: an original connected device that prints stories selected from its platform, and uses short stories to bring literature to unexcpected places: airports, train stations, shopping centers, hospitals, universities...
Since its launch in October 2015, this innovation has been mentioned in the media worldwide, and has attracted companies, large corporations, and public administrations both in France and abroad.
Short Édition has recently started to export its innovative idea. Francis Ford Coppola is a fan of the company and has already bought 3 dispensers for his San Fransisco café and wineries. He also decided to invest in the company to show his support.
The visionary American producer and movie maker declared: « This intriguing short story machine gives us a great opportunity to merge the innovation of today’s world with the nostalgic allure of classic manuscripts. I'd like to see the city of San Francisco put them everywhere so that, while waiting for a bus, a lunch, or in any queue of the daily life, you could get an artistic lift free of charge. »

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