Combining Social and Environment Impact

Short Édition's Social Impact

Short Édition’s mission is the promotion of reading and creative writing, because advancing knowledge & culture brings joy to the community, and aims to progress society. We continue to strive for this by:

  • Inventing new mediums for disseminating reading in public spaces and in schools
  • Creating an original model that combines copyright and free access for the end reader
Short Édition's Social Impact

Short Édition's Carbon Footprint

Following Short Edition’s first carbon footprint assessment conducted in 2022, here are the various strategies that will be implemented to achieve the low-carbon transition objective:

  • Restricting the export of goods abroad by using American suppliers
  • Moderating business travel by air
  • Decreasing the purchase of services and products
C02 Emission Breakdwon

We used the ISO 14069 methodology, which is internationally recognized, to assess our carbon footprint, which involved collecting data on both direct and indirect emissions related to our activities. Carbon emissions were categorized into 3 scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions (heating, vehicles, ...)
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions related to energy (electricity consumption, heat, ...)
  • Scope 3: All other indirect emissions (product lifecycle, travel, ...)

The total obtained is 189 tons of CO2 for the year 2022,

Total Emissions

with an emission of 120 grams/euro of revenue, placing us well below the evaluated publishing services at 280 grams/euro of revenue:

Monetary Factor Comparison

Short Édition's Eco-Friendly Paper

Read sustainably, one story at a time!

Choose our Short Story Dispensers, or Short Story Cubes, and be a planet-friendly reader, reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly literature consumption.

Choosing to “consume” literature on eco-friendly paper through print-on-demand (POD) represents a more sustainable alternative compared to traditional book printing, where a significant percentage of unsold books and newspapers is often pulped (about 30% for books, 50% newspapers and magazines).

Additionally, eco-friendly paper further enhances the sustainability quotient by promoting responsible forestry practices and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional paper production. Embracing a print-on-demand model for literature consumption aligns with eco-conscious principles, fostering a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient approach to enjoying books without contributing to the extensive waste commonly associated with traditional publishing practices.

Our paper is recyclable

We often hear that thermal paper is not recyclable. This is true for the majority of thermal papers because they contain phenols (BPA or BPS), but our paper does not! Therefore, it is indeed recyclable (source). Just put it in the regular recycling bin.

Our papier is FSC sourced (Forest Stewardship Council)

The FSC is an environmental label, the purpose of which is to ensure that the production of wood or wood-based products complies with procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management (Wikipedia)

Our Paper has no phenols : bisphenol A (BPA) & bisphenol S (BPS)

Most thermal papers contain bisphenol A, or BPA. This substance is suspected to have harmful effects on health and was banned in Europe starting January 2020. Bisphenol A is part of the phenols family. Other phenols, such as bisphenol S (BPS), can also be used in the production of thermal paper but also pose health and environmental risks.

Our paper is not flimsy 97 g/m² or 28.6 lbs/ream

Most receipt papers are very thin with a weight around 50-60 g/m². Our paper is of better quality, being much thicker. Notably, our precious paper encourages people to collect, and share, the stories written on it. As a reference, standard A4 printer paper is generally around 80 g/m².

Our paper is made to last 10 years

Our paper manufacturer claims a paper archival lifespan of 12 years with specific measures in place. Under normal conditions, it is typically around 10 years.