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Short Édition

New Design

Here we go! After many months and over 55 thousand lines of new code, the Short Edition website makeover is ready for its unveiling! Click around. Meet the team. Learn more about what we’re up to. And, most importantly, check out some very talented writers in Short Circuit, The Current, and Rendezvous, plus writers from local Dispenser communities around the world. We hope you’ll stay for a while.

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Long Story Short Award, Fall 2020

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last few months, it’s that there’s nothing more important than staying connected and working together. So...why not use our Short Story Dispensers to connect students across not only the US but around the world?

This fall, we’ll be hosting our first annual creative writing contest for students at universities with on-campus Dispensers.

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The Current

Submit to The Current

We are now taking submissions for our new publication, The Current: an ongoing series celebrating previously published short fiction by keeping great works in print and bringing them to new audiences around the world. 

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Short Circuit

The Dispensers have been Short Circuited

We’re delighted to share with you Short Circuit #02, the second issue of our new quarterly review. This issue holds a special place in our hearts, and we hope that it’ll offer you a welcome escape, a bit of hope, a renewed gratitude, or perhaps most importantly right now, a strong sense of connection.

In need of a good read?


The Moon in the Stars

Philippe Gourdin

Captain Pouic is beside himself. Tibou has disappeared! The captain’s concern is magnified by the darkness that has swallowed the ship, a sliver of cloud now covering the moon. 
He motions... [+]