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Image of Rendez-Vous, September ’19

Rendez-Vous, September ’19

A new month has begun and with it, a new issue of Rendez-Vous, spinning dreamy tales – caught between past and present, the known and unknown, or the just barely grasped and the just barely slipped away, like sand through fingers – into September soaked streets. We hope you enjoy these nine new stories and poems as much as we do. Now, rendezvous at your nearest dispenser!

Image of General Submissions for the Rendez-Vous

General Submissions for the Rendez-Vous

ATTN: All Writers. We're now accepting general submissions year-round at Short Édition! We're looking for short stories, poems and children's works to publish in our forthcoming publication series, Rendez-Vous, which will be a collection of selected works published on a monthly basis in both our Short Story Dispensers and on the website.

Image of Short Story Dispenser at Carnegie Mellon

Short Story Dispenser at Carnegie Mellon

The English department at Carnegie Mellon is stirring up stories on campus with their newest addition: the Short Story Dispenser!

Soon to publish student works, the dispenser is currently publishing English faculty works and other stories from around the world.

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