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Image of General Submissions for the Rendez-Vous

General Submissions for the Rendez-Vous

ATTN: All Writers. We're now accepting general submissions year-round at Short Édition!

We're looking for short stories, poems and children's stories to publish in our forthcoming publication series, Rendez-Vous, which will be a collection of selected works published on a monthly basis in both our Short Story Dispensers and on the website.

Image of Temple University: Short Fiction Contest

Temple University: Short Fiction Contest

Temple University published some fantastic "transformative" short fiction from their themed writing competition this past month, and their Dispensers are now showcasing these talented student and faculty writers across campus and beyond. We're thrilled at Short Édition to have had the opportunity to read these works and offer eight Temple writers a formal publishing contract. Be on the lookout for their stories and poems in your local Dispensers... coming soon!

Image of Meet Stephen Hundley

Meet Stephen Hundley


Winner of the Button Fiction Spring Contest, Stephen Hundley is a former high school science teacher from Savannah, Georgia. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Notre Dame Review, Carve, Permafrost, and other journals. He also serves as the fiction editor for The Swamp and is a Richard Ford Fellow at the University of Mississippi.

Be sure to check out his winning story, "Streets of Gold," now in Short Story Dispensers everywhere!

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