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Image of Short Edition at TED 2018!

Short Edition at TED 2018!

The Short Story Dispenser has been selected by Alex Moura, Tech Curator of TED 2018 to be the only European-selected, ‘amazing concept’ to be in the lime-light at the conference in Vancouver this week. He loved the idea of combining both old (papyrus) and new (tech mediums to communicate and new writers) to deliver happiness and a moment to wander while reading a short story.

Four Dispensers will be on display throughout the “tech playground” and should attract quite a bit of attention.


Image of An amazing story!

An amazing story!

Columbus Public Health is the first to install a Short Story Dispenser, offered by Columbus City Schools! The kiosk is located near the children’s area at the immunization clinic. It will allow children and their parents who are mostly disadvantaged to have access to free literature, while allowing the kids to read a little with their parents. It will also enchant the other 25 children waiting their turn.

This Short Story Dispenser is the first in a series of 5 that will be installed in the city, and is part of the smart city strategy in Columbus (Ohio) to promote reading, especially 3rd graders!

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