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Promoting reading & education at ALA 18

Did you know that The American Library Association (ALA) was the oldest and largest library association in the world?

From June 21 to 26, Short Edition will attend the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans! Organized twice a year, this event gathers public and university librarians, authors, publishers, business professionals, educators and students - anyone who is passionate about books, libraries, and eager to learn and shape the future of the industry. Our objective will be to promote the access to reading for all and creative writing in education.

And guess who will be present: former First Lady Michelle Obama! She is very committed to the access to education, so we hope she will be able to get her short story! 

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"New Beginnings"

Our first university short story contest is now over!

Organized with the Penn State University libraries, this one met an encouraging success.
The theme “New Beginnings” inspired a lot of students and members of Penn State’s staff, and many stories were submitted.
Selected by a committee composed with students and staff, the winners have been uploaded to the Short Story Dispenser at Penn State, and readers can now end up with a PSU story when they push one of the three buttons.
“Rendez-vous“ in September for the next contest… stay tuned!

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