Short Fiction

While We Breathe

Mountain Nose

One March afternoon in 1969 I was on the deck of a Chinese junk listening to the water clop against the wooden hull and enjoying a breeze that blew toward the South China Sea. The junk bobbed... [+]

Short Fiction

Call It What You Will

Donald Ryan

The doctors, explaining the consent form, referred to him as an allergen. That’s the only reason he could figure they prescribed Claritin. Well, technically they didn’t prescribe Claritin, being... [+]

Short Fiction

The Last Bat

Joe McGehee

It was the first time that I had ever hated the sound of my own name. “Tommy, you’re up,” the coach had yelled down from the entrance of the dugout. I was sitting on the end of the bench next... [+]

Short Fiction

Drowning in Syrup


Lying in the dark, he whispered their names. The same names he whispered every morning.
“Spencer, Mack, Jones, and Cox.”
Luke Murphy woke up before the alarm, not because he was... [+]

Short Fiction


Jason Rickett

Another small town day, and he was still invisible. Further down the strip mall alleyway access where they leaned against the building, there were other invisibles, hiding behind their shopping carts... [+]

Short Fiction

Move Along


The days couldn’t manage to become any more miserable or dour, could they? Drysalio Cervera sulked, swiping away the pile of expensive books that lay sprawled across his desk.
Books fo... [+]

Short Fiction

Act of Courage


She listened while he spoke. His voice was like a fuzzy caterpillar and barely audible against the glow of the holiday lights, sparkling blue and green, white and gold. Tiny bulbs like fireflies in... [+]

Short Fiction

The Swimmer

Madeleine Pron

They had been at the beach all morning, the three of them baking slowly, going into the water at different intervals and for different lengths of time. Their positions on the beach were similarly... [+]

Short Fiction

A Stone Marking a Happy End


The sculptor was working when he died. There was dust under the his fingernails and sweat on his brow. Lines were carved in his face, though they were less delicate than the ones his skillful hands... [+]

Short Fiction

Your Kind of Courage


“Funny thing isn’t? Courage, I mean.”
A man in a dark suit leans forward in a wooden chair. A single light bulb dangles from a cord above his head that casts a faint glow around the small... [+]

Short Fiction

Fault Line

Jordan Leigh

The wind and rain pummeled him from all sides like a pack of street punks eager to humble an old man, but the world-weary veteran was undaunted by the blinding storm. Reaching through the gale, his... [+]

Short Fiction



He walked away from the casket, his heart heavy and his spirit weary. Did he do the right thing?
“She is happy now.” Someone said to him last night at the viewing.
Yes, he thought... [+]

Short Fiction

The Pinochle Game


It was 8 a.m. on an early St. Petersburg, Florida, morning. I always liked to get an early start on Saturdays. I grabbed my deck of Bicycle playing cards and a Beatles 8-track tape, “Sgt... [+]

Short Fiction

Prelude to a Confession


Waiting at a lover’s door for courage to alight, who would think to call me a coward? For me, it’s wisdom that keeps me at bay, a nature well-versed in courtship and circumstance. In my case I... [+]

Short Fiction

I'd Like to Make an Appointment?


It’s supposed to be easy. Isn’t it? You pick up a phone, dial a number and then... But it’s not easy. It’s not easy, because the phone has a full battery and you have everything ready to... [+]

Short Fiction

When First We Came To America

Dan Hubbs

Troy, NY 1848
There was one day I was looking for Morrissey. It was around the time of his first bare knuckle prize fight. He hadn’t told me he had a job with a mule skinner moving some... [+]

Short Fiction

The Fog of Courage

Annette D. Koch

It seems we search for small joys in peacetime, but need them more desperately in wartime. Surely the first spring flowers that end the gray days of winter will lighten many hearts. For others... [+]

Short Fiction

The Governor’s Mansion

Will Haydon

The balmy evening sent warm air rushing through the open window of Garrett Roth’s F-150, joining with his fingers as they ran through his salt and pepper for the hundredth time since leaving the... [+]