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The doctors, explaining the consent form, referred to him as an allergen. That’s the only reason he could figure they prescribed Claritin. Well, technically they didn’t prescribe Claritin, ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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It was the first time that I had ever hated the sound of my own name. “Tommy, you’re up,” the coach had yelled down from the entrance of the dugout. I was sitting on the end of the bench ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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They stood at the end of the tobacco row, just beyond where the north end of the field met the woods. They stood in the shadows, perfectly still, watching only her. They reminded her of deer: ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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Mim Eichmann, ago

Ain’t no such word as “slomp” Jessey had scolded me just yesterday. But a crawdad pokin’ outta the deep mud ditch alongside the river always made kind of a slomp sound to my ears. That’s... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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I walk through the doors of the counseling center expecting nothing more than a regular visit with my birth mother that mainly consists of her demanding I attend a private all-girls Christian ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Asia is a strong, happy, hopeful, and intelligent woman, but she was not always like this. There was a time when she felt that no one cared about her. She felt sad and alone in the world. Asia was... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Klyde was different than everyone else. For one, he didn't play any of the sports that everyone else played. He didn't use a bike to get around. He used his skateboard. He didn't listen to Migos ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
1   95 readings 3 min
Tyler is more or less an average child. He was an only child, with a mother and father that loved him very much. He has a big heart and loves helping others. He is in a missionary group of people ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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It started just like any other day. I woke up, put on a pot of coffee, and waited by the win. The sound of the brewing coffee reminded me of the way Papa used to make it. Mmm, Papa. I read the ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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The Recovery

Maddy, ago

Charlie had a big decision to make. He and his friend Javier were being offered professional surfing contracts with Rip Curl Men. Charlie and Javi were of course happy, but they also didn’t know... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
1   79 readings 1 min

Blazing Crime

Luke G, ago

In the years 2085-2088 the Flegómeno War (Greek for the Blazing War) was a devastating time, where a crime organization would set fire to their targets’ houses. A boy named Alan Clifton ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
1   19 readings 5 min

Pull Through

Lilianne, ago

My name is Alice Fowler and I’m here to tell my story about having cancer. I have a husband named Danny, two kids named Hailey and Victoria, and a dog named Oliver. The day that I was diagnosed ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
1   72 readings 1 min

A New Way

Jackson L, ago

Ten year old Jordan was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. He has been nonverbal ever since. He never has joy and his mother, Karen, feels like she does not have a connection with ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Shaequan Williams is a seventeen year old high school basketball player. Shaequan is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and lives in a bad part of town surrounded by gang activity and violence. He wants ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
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Olivia's Replay

Greta L, ago

Olivia Rhodes is a volleyball player who got seriously injured but overcame her injury and became a really good player. Olivia was the outside hitter for her high school team in Greensburg, ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
0   50 readings 3 min
Johnny is an eighteen year old playing his last year of high school basketball for the East New Orleans Hawks. He was having a breakout year averaging a triple-double every game as a six foot two ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018
1   28 readings 3 min
Christopher Frost was the number one prospect in soccer coming out of Portside High School in Galveston,Texas. He had always had a passion for soccer. From a young age, he excelled beyond the ... [+]

Set Stories Free 2018