No Such Things As Accidents

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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Asia is a strong, happy, hopeful, and intelligent woman, but she was not always like this. There was a time when she felt that no one cared about her. She felt sad and alone in the world. Asia was born a beautiful baby, with dark brown curly hair, light brown smooth skin, and greenish blue eyes. People say all babies are beautiful, but Asia was like model pretty. Her beauty was like a ray of sunshine to all of the doctors and nurses in the hospital when they saw her. Despite her beautiful complexion, which always shined like a fresh rose reflecting its dewy petals towards the sun; all her mother saw in Asia’s face was an accident. This woman who should love Asia just saw her as another accident in her life. Asia’s cruel mother reminded her everyday that she was an accident.

Little Asia believed that her mother’s beatings came from Asia just existing which she later figured out was true. Asia’s mom would hit her multiple time a day, burn her legs and arms with the end of her cigarette when she was finished with them, and ridicule her just so she can feel like she was nothing. Her mother prayed to God every night that Asia would just take the hint that she does not want her and maybe run away or just kill herself. The only reason Asia still loved her mother after all the beatings she was given was because she gave her food and water, because she must love her if she remembers her birthday, and because she wouldn’t have had a baby if she didn’t want one.

Asia’s mother was a total psychopath, but she had a father who was the exact opposite. Her father would treat Asia like his little princess. Her father meant everything in the world to this girl, and the feeling was mutual. Sadly for Asia, she did not always get to feel her father’s caring arms. He had to work double shifts just to provide for his family. Asia really missed her father, not because she wanted to feel like a princess, but to feel protected. Asia tried one time to tell her father about her mother, but then she thought about the outcome and instead remained silent. This silence caused Asia a lot of pain in her childhood that could have been avoided. This sad rotation of her father coming, leaving, and being beaten by her mother after he left became a brutal routine for her.

One day this depressing routine ended because her father finally saved enough money to send her to a private school. Asia was finally happy about something else in her life. Asia was considered popular in school with her beauty, intelligence, kindness and a funny personality. Asia felt free and happy at school, but there was always that sad thought of her having to leave this feeling to go to her abusive mother.

Asia’s highschool life included going to a lot more parties with friends. Asia believes her mother is not beating her that much anymore because she is always out with her friends; she also thought it must be because of her friends why her mother beats her more violently now when she gets the chance. Asia now has three best friends as she goes into her senior year in high school—Daija, Corri and a boy named Dylan. They are known as the Four Musketeer around school because they are always together. Asia’s senior year was going to be great. She had amazing friends, a well paying job, and a father who was home more. Her abusive mother left to help Asia’s aunt take care of her new baby, and Asia got a boyfriend named Khalil.

Things are finally how they were supposed to be for Asia, but this good feeling came to an end when her father dies from cancer. Asia and her father spent every single last waking moment that they could together after the diagnosis. At the funeral, Asia felt lost and broken but happy to know that her dad was in a better place now. Everyone was doing the best they could about the death of Asia’s father, except her mother, who was distraught. She was not sad about the death of her husband, but the fact he left everything he had to Asia and not her.

Asia rode with her mom home after the funeral, hoping this would bring them together. Once these two arrived home Asia’s mother went crazy, throwing glasses, snapping picture frames, and broke the television. Asia was confused why her mom was like this, but that confusion did not stay for long because her mom was soon attacking her with rage. She ended up spraining Asia’s leg, breaking her arm, burning her with a lighter, and finished her torture with dunking her head under water over and over again. Asia finally broke free from her mother’s wicked clasp and limped quickly out of the door.

Asia was heartbroken as she got out of the house, because all you can hear was her mother screaming out to Asia “You are just an accident, an accident, you hear me, and that is what you will always be. You mean nothing to me or your father, I hope you know that. Do you really think people like Khalil could actually care for an ugly creature like you? I should have just killed you when you were little, because apparently you never got the hint. Why, Lord? Why did I get such a terrible life?”

This hurt Asia enough to go back into the house to tell her mother that “Even though dad cared for me more in his whole life time than you ever did,” in a weeping voice, Asia said, “ I still love you momma, no matter how much you do not love me back.”

These were the last words Asia has ever spoken to her mother, because that following week her mother commited suicide. If you thought that was the end of Asia’s tough time, think again. Once her boyfriend found out her mother died, he broke up with her. “Why would my mother’s death matter to you in that kind of way?” she asked Khalil. Khalil later told Asia the whole story about him cheating on her with her mother since they started dating, and the only reason he was dating her was so he could go to her house without out it being suspicious. Asia was so heartbroken to hear the terrible news from Khalil, that she considered suicide. Thankfully she did not go through with her plan and realized it was Khalil’s loss.

She told Daija and Corri all of the things that were happening to her the past couple of months, except the wanting to kill herself idea. She did not tell the two girls because they would not have reacted in a calm way. Asia did on the other hand tell Dylan everything that was going on with her because she felt he could handle it. Asia has been spending a lot of time with her Musketeers, especially after everything that has happened to her. Asia and Dylan made it out of high school safely, but they can not say the same for Daija and Corri. Daija ended up leaving the Four Musketeers to do drugs with her new group of friends. Corri ended up becoming terribly sick after Daija left the group, and a couple months after graduation, she died. Her funeral was the saddest event that Asia was ever apart of because she did not prepare for this outcome, but thanks to Dylan she was able to make it out of these hard times alive and well.

Dylan and Asia ended up dating in college. Being with Dylan was the happiest Asia has ever been in a long time, and she was so grateful for that. After being together for three and a half years Dylan proposed. At that very moment she finally felt complete. She felt actual love--love with no fear. Asia felt that she could become anything as long as she had Dylan by her side. Asia and Dylan both became lawyers after they graduated, so they were together all the time. Two years have passed and Asia and Dylan have a home and twins named Tahani and Sa’Rayah who are the light of their lives. When she looks at her husband and the twins Asia sees miracles not accidents.