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72-year old grandfather. Served with IVS, Vietnam, 1968-69 in II Corp/III Corp. Police-fire-court reporter for Holyoke (MA) Transcript. Editor for GTE NW "Newsworthy" paper. PA Officer (DAE) for FEMA, Region 10, 15 years. Member Poets West Society. Currently, substitute high school teacher, Everett, WA.
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The word “family” conjures recollections: Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas around the tree, rented summer bungalows by the shore. I have those in my memory. But I have an added image: three or ... [+]

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Button Fiction Spring 2019
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War and courage parade arm-in-arm. Then again, war and cowardice slink off together, too. This is a story from the Vietnam War. It’s not about charging entrenched machineguns or crawling under ... [+]

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Set Stories Free 2018

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