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74-year old grandfather. Served with IVS, Vietnam, 1968-69 in II Corps/III Corps. Police-fire-court reporter for Holyoke (MA) Transcript. Editor for GTE NW "Newsworthy" paper. PA Officer (DAE) for FEMA, Region 10, 15 years. Member Poets West Society. Currently, substitute high school teacher, Everett, WA.

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Loudest the Graveyard's Call

Loudest is the graveyard’s call
On afternoons in autumn’s fall
As light between the... [+]

Short Fiction Contest 2020 - Poetry
Short Fiction

Paper and Ink

She didn’t think herself a racist. She’d had black school friends, worked with black women at the restaurant, and watched Oprah daily.
But when her seven-year-old, white daughter brought... [+]

Finalist - Jury America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Short Fiction

Indiana at 3 a.m.

In the morning night
When streetlight shadows
Scramble rat-ways
Under parked cars
And... [+]

Finalist - Jury America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Poetry
Creative Nonfiction

Why Slavery in America?

To some degree, American slavery was due to the glaciers of the last Ice Age that ended nearly twelve thousand years ago. As the ice, covering five million square miles and as thick as 10,000 feet... [+]

America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Creative Nonfiction
Short Fiction

War Wound

“No, I never got a Purple Heart. Used to think a war scar – maybe on the shoulder or thigh – was cool. Something to showoff at the beach. But that was nineteen-year-old thinking.
“Hey... [+]

Short Fiction Contest 2020 - Short Story

Saigon '68

I have seen you, shell-shocked city,
Shimmer in the parachute flares
The day’s dust and... [+]

General Submissions Rendez-Vous, July 2019 issue - Poem
Short Fiction

While We Breathe

One March afternoon in 1969 I was on the deck of a Chinese junk listening to the water clop against the wooden hull and enjoying a breeze that blew toward the South China Sea. The junk bobbed... [+]

Finalist - Jury Set Stories Free 2018
Short Fiction


The word “family” conjures recollections: Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas around the tree, rented summer bungalows by the shore. I have those in my memory. But I have an added image: three o... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019