Blazing Crime

Image of Set Stories Free - 2018
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In the years 2085-2088 the Flegómeno War (Greek for the Blazing War) was a devastating time, where a crime organization would set fire to their targets’ houses. A boy named Alan Clifton suffered the loss of his parents this way when he was only two years old. Later on at the orphanage, Alan meets twins Maxwell and Carmella Floyd who lost their parents the same way he did. They feel as though this turbulent time period was ignored for too long. The children feel as if they could explore further into this topic, so they dig more into the Flegómeno War.

Meanwhile, the so called “dead” crime organization finds out about Alan’s plans, so they try to track and hunt his resistance group, so the world won’t know the horrific secrets they hold. A while later, they meet Alan’s uncle, Erving Clifton, who was a member of the chaotic crime organization, but he turned away from the organization’s evil ways. Erving reveals that all of their parents are involved with the organization and are still alive, but the kids are in disbelief in what he states. While the kids are investigating, the organization gets a hold of them and kidnaps the kids.

Once captured, the resistance group finds out that Erving was telling the truth, and their parents are still alive but evil. The kids find courage to forgive their parents, but they are trying to convince their parents to turn away from evil by making them feel remorse for what they did. The parents then change their ways and try to risk their lives to release their children from captivity. But before the parents do so, the leader of the gang, Leo Stephonso, obliterates the parents. After many days of sorrow, countless ex-members of the organization shows up to rescue the poor children. While doing so, these ex-members capture the entire crime association. From this day on Alan, Maxwell, and Carmella would always serve to eliminate any crime members in their nation.