Overcoming The Odds

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Johnny is an eighteen year old playing his last year of high school basketball for the East New Orleans Hawks. He was having a breakout year averaging a triple-double every game as a six foot two inch point guard. He and his team had a 16-0 record going into the second half of the season. Johnny did well in school and had many friends. His grades and personality gave him many full-ride college division one offers. Johnny was having the time of his life through his senior year throwing many parties and having fun.

After Christmas break, the Hawks were scheduled to play the Central New Orleans Bears. They were also undefeated and were their arch rivals. The game day arrived and Johnny and his team couldn’t be more ready. During pregame, the crowd (who was the Bears crowd) was yelling “UNDERRATED” chants at Johnny but this did not affect him. Johnny hushed the crowd up by dropping 18 points, 5 rebounds, and 8 assists in the first half, where the game was close at 48-45 Hawks on top. The second half was even more tough than the first with both teams answering each others points. At the end of the third quarter Johnny gets a stop on the defensive side and goes for the fastbreak dunk with a defender on him and throws it down for the ?. While he’s shooting his free-throw, the crowd chants “MVP! MVP! MVP!”

By the middle of the fourth quarter, the Hawks definitely have the crowd on their side, but it is still close at 89-86. The Bears drive down the court, but Johnny comes down the court out of nowhere and steals the ball and runs the fast break with a defender, but this time the defender fouls him hard, pushing him to the ground. The defender gets a tech and is kicked out, but Johnny is hurt and benched. His teammates luckily keep it close until two minutes left when Johnny goes back in. He scores and gets a stop to get the score tied when the coach calls a time out. He draws up a play to go to one of their good shooters but not Johnny. Everyone wants Johnny to take the last, so they ditch the play and run a new one to Johnny. They get the ball in and run double picks on his defender, then gets the ball and knocks down a three to win! The crowd goes wild, storms the court, and they pick Johnny up and bring him to the locker room. They cheer and one person says, “Party at my house!”

They all go to the party and go crazy. Until the ride back were the driver wrecks right into a tree. Johnny breaks his leg in three places and is sent to the hospital. The doctors said he might never play basketball again. Johnny thought there was no hope for him and all of his scholarships were taken away except one to Louisiana State University (LSU). If he were to make it there, he would have to train every day. But thanks to his trainer, David, he was doing better than ever and is now even better at basketball than he was before. David was  thankful Johnny got the scholarship and is playing division one basketball.