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It was the first time that I had ever hated the sound of my own name. “Tommy, you’re up,” the coach had yelled down from the entrance of the dugout. I was sitting on the end of the bench ... [+]

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They stood at the end of the tobacco row, just beyond where the north end of the field met the woods. They stood in the shadows, perfectly still, watching only her. They reminded her of deer: ... [+]

Runner up - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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Ain’t no such word as “slomp” Jessey had scolded me just yesterday. But a crawdad pokin’ outta the deep mud ditch alongside the river always made kind of a slomp sound to my ears. That’s... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Set Stories Free 2018
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He walked away from the casket, his heart heavy and his spirit weary. Did he do the right thing?

“She is happy now.” Someone said to him last night at the viewing.

Yes, he ... [+]

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Red mountains ring beneath the eternal blue sky. The echo of galloping hoofbeats drifts among them. The lonesome throatsong I hum is their only companion. The solitary sun hangs like a baubled incense... [+]

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Old woman dreaming -
Things always come to hush you,
but dance anyway.

You are having the dream again. It is the one you have been dreaming your whole life - that dream you long ... [+]

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There were exactly five clocks in the room where I couldn’t talk.

Three of them were placed on the numerous walls and around corners where I couldn’t see, but the last two were on the ... [+]

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He was a soldier. He was confused and tired and homesick, or maybe lovesick, or maybe a cruel combination of the two. He made his way through the jungle, stumbling on the shards of broken sunlight ... [+]

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Thursday, January 25

Dear Mom,

College applications are due next week. Mr. Haven said my personal growth essay would be excellent for them. I told him I didn’t think ... [+]

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The sun was finally beginning to descend in the sky. The eastern horizon darkened to a deep saturated blue that promised a cloudless night. Though the moon was waning, still there was sufficient light... [+]

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It is amazing how an email can make you reconsider your life. Before you read it you have the perfect life and family. One that others envy, even off of Facebook. Then a few characters later and ... [+]

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Despite the insufferable heat, a cold chill ran down Rebecca’s spine. She instantly recognized an unmistakable sound. She held her breath. She forced herself to stand perfectly still.

... [+]

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Mae told me blackberries are poisonous when we were younger. This was back when we were still something resembling sane before Mae shut out the entire world and before I realized her sharp edges ... [+]

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For the first few miles, the excursion was painted in bitter silence. Harrison’s socks were wet and his knee ached. The couple hiked, sucking wet air, dispelling vapors; neither mentioning a plan. ... [+]

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Set Stories Free 2018
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Lindsay Watkins stood in line behind the usual covey of women who attended the noon Weighty Matters group. The woman in front of her removed a jacket, a scarf, her shoes, and a wristwatch as she ... [+]

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The day before, I woke up. Everything was still. The only movement came from the dust particles, floating through the filtered sunlight. There was no rush, so I took time to stretch my tired limbs ... [+]