Short Fiction

The Great Interruption

Rachel Rosenblatt

Triggers are not absolute. They can be the color red, a sunny day, an indecipherable half-smile. For me, there is no obvious reason why the walls close in. No hidden meaning for the sudden shallow ... [+]

Short Fiction

Morning in Fordlet

Pat Rocchi

I exited the Interstate toward the Fordlet Hotel after a late night preparing my annual presentation to the local business leaders. My slides were finished days ago, but my words still needed ... [+]

Short Fiction


Will Dean

We called it ‘frosting’, because the ice crystals looked like a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Not what frosting actually is, or how it looks when you squeeze it out of the tube, but one kid ... [+]

Short Fiction

Bar Lines

Kristen Loughlin

The first time it really hits me, I’m staring at the peeling paint on the doorknob.
I long ago memorized the feeling of coming home – the click of my key in the door, the scent of Mom’s sti ... [+]

Short Fiction


Misty Sol

“nappy head, nappy head, I catch your ass, you gone be dead”
-Assata Shakur
Girl you pretty
You so pretty with all that nappy hair
Stand up everywhere
Girl you pretty
No ... [+]

Short Fiction

Flowers for the Machine Man

Kira Pelletier

The engines whirred in the darkness. Jones could see their scarlet glow, dimming and brightening in time to the thrum, which meant the gears inside were still turning. Still alive. Almost like the ... [+]


Your Baby

Nicole Kwon

I swallow your words like baby food.
They're smooth,
and they should make me feel whole, ... [+]


Riot Act

Roland Williams

So much so she remembers the child,
The boy who passed in police custody,
Sparking the blazes ... [+]