Short Fiction

The Great Interruption

Rachel Rosenblatt

Triggers are not absolute. They can be the color red, a sunny day, an indecipherable half-smile. For me, there is no obvious reason why the walls close in. No hidden meaning for the sudden shallow... [+]

Short Fiction


Jessie Komala

Why is this light so bright?
I lower the brightness on my phone screen so I don’t blind myself while lying in bed, and I immediately have flashbacks to my mom telling me, how bright... [+]

Short Fiction


Will Dean

We called it ‘frosting’, because the ice crystals looked like a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Not what frosting actually is, or how it looks when you squeeze it out of the tube, but one kid... [+]

Short Fiction


Misty Sol

“nappy head, nappy head, I catch your ass, you gone be dead”
-Assata Shakur
Girl you pretty
You so pretty with all that nappy hair
Stand up everywhere
Girl you pretty
No... [+]

Short Fiction

Flowers for the Machine Man

Kira Pelletier

The engines whirred in the darkness. Jones could see their scarlet glow, dimming and brightening in time to the thrum, which meant the gears inside were still turning. Still alive. Almost like the... [+]

Short Fiction

Between Stations

Serena Deng

It’s Tuesday evening, and each subway car is packed with people rushing to get away from their day. I don’t mind the squeeze though. It is only one stop from 59th street to 125th on the express... [+]

Short Fiction

Seamless Transition

Daniel Freeman

In front of him, for nearly every minute he was awake, there was a screen.
He tried to recall a time when it wasn’t this way. He couldn’t, so he watched old movies to try to remember.... [+]


Your Baby

Nicole Kwon

I swallow your words like baby food.
They’re smooth,
and they should make me feel whole,... [+]