Image of Short Fiction Contest - 2020
Image of Poetry

Before the world you knew/know/will know stood,

The universe was/is/will be space unbound by time.

In the space before time, all things 

existed/exist/will exist,

lived/live/will live,

interacted/interact/will interact

 everywhere and all at once.

The Beings wielded/wield/will wield great power;

Power to create,

Power to become,

Power to Be infinitely,

Unfettered by the rules of the finite world

By which humans were bound.

The most powerful Being was/is/will be Saebya the Commanding.

It breathed/breathes/will breathe life into the stars,

It forged/forges/will forge planets of pure gold,

It formed/forms/will form into being all the great glittering glories you see in the sky.

And Saebya wanted/wants/will want to create a palace fit for a goddess 

But Saebya knew/knows/will know that this project was/is/will be immense.

Saebya sought/seeks/will seek to glean the most pleasure,

The most honor,

The most pride

From its work.

So Saebya created/creates/will create Time.

At once, existence witnessed a great change.

Events occurred one moment at a time.

Creation halted its explosive state,

And wonders blooming slowly took its place.

The Beings, shocked at this great shift, soon knew

Their power lacked the will to weather Time,

The ever moving forward pace, no rest,

Yet often restless, lagging caused delays.

Irate with Saebya taking, making stress,

They left the world to seek a place untouched 

by Time, by Saebya’s awful power grasp.

Alone, it was the last to Be on Earth.

The humans in existence saw a change.

They lived, they died, they were in constant fear.

And thus the age old countdown deathward formed.

The interruption of the human life

Began a cycle of hostility.

The humans quarrelled, hurt, and murdered. None

Were safe in this unending war for life,

Longevity, and promise of their

Survival. Then one day, a human stood

Apart. The Mother wanted peace for all.

The Mother wanted hope for all to live

Without the threat of death or hurt. She sought

To kill Time, the bringer of death.

She journeyed far, beyond the Sea of Life,

And over fifty barren hills, and past

The forest made of long forgotten threads

of dreams. She climbed forbidden mountains 

To reach the only Being left on earth.

Old Saebya met the Mother at its door.

It knew its reckoning had come in time.

It bowed its head, prepared to breathe its last.

The Mother said, “I beg you, help me kill

The Time you made.” Old Saebya, shocked it still

Survived, said, “Surely, you have come to kill

Much more than Time.” The Mother merely bowed

Her head. “My only wish is peace instead 

Of war, for love instead of hate, for life

Unfettered by constraints of Time and death.”

Wise Saebya, taught by age and life, then chose

its words with care and truth in mind. It said,

“You wish for love, for life, for peace, but Time

Is not the foe you seek. For fear has long

Controlled your human heart. The key to what

You want is love in spite of hate, is love

Until your death, is love in facing fear

That binds your sister, binds your brother. See

The fear, but love the human. Form a world

That’s steeped in love so great that even Time,

Unstoppable progression forward, won’t

Divide those ones who live for all.” It knew

The query stood unanswered still. It said,

“But Time cannot be killed or even stopped.

What I began not even I can end. 

Like ev’rything, Time soon shall cease to be.

Until that moment, only love can break

Your curse.” The Mother’s bitter tears fell to

The Earth. She left, returning back the way 

she came. When she arrived, the people went

And asked to see the corpse of Time. She told

The people where she traveled, who she met.

The news the Mother brought was met with rage.

The people, fear of death renewed, now sought 

to blame the one refusing war on Time.

“She’s weak!” They cried. “We’re damned!” They sighed. They turned

To her with murd’rous eyes and soon had planned

her sure demise: a sacrifice to please

Old Saebya who might end the click of Time.

The Mother said their plans were fruitless, yet

They took no heed. The Mother taught the youth

a final lesson: “Love completely, let

No thoughts of death or fear confine your soul,

and those who fear need just a taste of love.”

With that, she calmly left her children safe,

Approached the people, meeting each one’s gaze.

“I pardon all and beg that you would spare 

Yourselves, but love cannot demand, just plead.”

And so she stood, as people took their stones.

So shrouded by her peace and love, she felt

Embraced by death as wrath consumed the men.

But after stones and fear had crushed her bones,

The Mother’s love remained among the crowd.

Her children carried on her cry for peace

Though generations suffered under fear.

Descendants of the Mother spread like vines,

Connecting souls of love through space, through Time.

So when it came that Time had run its course,

The world was/is/will be in love, its cycles of hostility dead, forevermore.