Rising Interlude

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Just like that, the world 

went absolutely still. 

They sit looking 

Just beyond the playbill.


The distant murmurs 

Mix to a batter

Spotlight on a girl

With dimming chatter.


Waiting for reasons

To take a delay;

Her life’s seasons change 

Colors like the day.


As she thinks,

The interlude starts.

She cries out, “Wait!”

Unsure of her hearts.


Falling to the ground

Her hands on her head

Still as a statue

Her eyes full of dread.


The lights turn back on

Can she even rise?

Looking up, she stares

Right into the skies.


The lights: a sunrise

Marking a new day

Grasping the stage floor

On her face, sun-rays.


She’ll give it her all--

Even just two tries.

Fire lights from ashes;

This time, she’ll rise!


In the finale

She’s up, her head high.

Who knew she’d rise

To learn how to fly?


She smiles and waves

Calling out her goodbyes.

Stage shines with light

Of applause--from the skies.


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Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Helen, this poem made me feel alive and free like she felt in that interlude! I love it. Beautiful song and dance....Check out my entry, "Green Springs" in the creative nonfiction category of the contest, America: color it in and vote if you like it! Tony