Short Fiction

Between Stations

Serena Deng

It’s Tuesday evening, and each subway car is packed with people rushing to get away from their day. I don’t mind the squeeze though. It is only one stop from 59th street to 125th on the express... [+]

Short Fiction

The Phyrric Victory

Krischelle Aguilar

Hope is her name, because her parents had conceived her when they almost gave up. But her name is a complete paradox. She had started to paint herself blue—not leaving any yellow. An intrusion... [+]

Short Fiction

Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Matt Goldberg

Frank and Viv sit down on their plush couch to watch some regularly scheduled programming. The duo made popcorn and have a fleece blanket pulled over their legs. They’re settled in for a relaxing... [+]

Short Fiction

Seamless Transition

Daniel Freeman

            In front of him, for nearly every minute he was awake, there was a screen.
            He tried to recall a time when it wasn’t this way. He couldn’t, so he... [+]

Short Fiction

Return Home

Kristine Chin

I had not intended to return home. I loved Philadelphia: I loved the bustle and the absolute anonymity of city life, being able to walk to my job, and most of all I loved not having to live with... [+]

Short Fiction

Twists of Fate

Roland Williams

Judge Wright wanted to throw the book at the kid. He thought the boy looked awful. The teenager wore a blue Yankees cap cocked to the side on top of a black bandanna. An extra-large red Sixers... [+]