I Remember

Image of Short Fiction Contest - 2020
Image of Poetry

I remember the cool and sweet taste of pink lemonade 

On those warm summer days

The ice cubes would rattle like my sister’s

Piggybank full of pennies


I remember the smell of the Earth

After the sudden rainfall

Where I could take in the coolness of 

The tranquil air


I remember seeing the tall skyscrapers

And the sun peeking shyly from behind them

The trees swaying their leaves

Like an endless dance with the wind


I remember hearing the busy car horns

The people shouting at each other in all different tongues

Along with the chaos came the serene sounds of the 

Waves slowly crashing against the rocks at the Hudson River


I remember the day I found out we were on lockdown

I figured it’d be great to have to drop some of my responsibilities

I did not consider what else I would be giving up

All the sensations that come with purely living


I suppose there is nothing much I can do anymore, but wait

Wait, staring at these four blank walls as each day hurriedly passes by

Always the same as the day before

For now, all I can do is remember.