An ode to your last breath

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Nha Nguyen, who is an aspiring high school student, recently found her passion in poetry and literature. She enjoys writing about morbid and cryptic elements  [+]

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An on/off switch

Your last sensory memories

A nostalgic egg
As the slimy yolk hovered on the scorching pan
The auditory pleasing
Popping-bubble-wrap-like sound
Or cracking oneself’s knuckles
Sitting by the windowpane
Pitter patter 
On the rooftop from the last night rain
The only view of sunset from afar
The colorful inflation of indigo, orange, and purple
Hot steam fogs up the lens 
Tantalizingly aromatic of freshly brewed coffee
Newly cut wood smell
Taste buds blossomed
The luminous dark brown chocolate cascading on layers of spongy cake
Jagged drizzle on the top
You last devoured with ignorance 

Abrupt flow of oxygen to the brain
Sliced it open, mesmerized
Deep red fluid
Scooped it out, to feel
Yet luscious in its liquidity
Drained to paralysis
Muscle slackened
Within sludgy flesh
Compact in an amputated corpse
Motionless dived into abyss of despair
Strained half-open eyes 
Squinted to see the face of the accused 
A smile of destructive fascination
But unfortunate and classic it was
You were stoned to death from behind

What so-called: afterlife
Heard sensational welcoming light draws you towards your loved ones
The stream of consciousness 
Lusciously flows
But here 
The thought of you still lives on
That all matters.


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Image of Meriem Zaimeche
Meriem Zaimeche · ago
I love it! Well done!
Image of Tran Anh
Tran Anh · ago
Image of Quỳnh Nguyễn Ngọc
Quỳnh Nguyễn Ngọc · ago
Wonderful piece of writing!!
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
Thank you! ❤
Image of Emmanuel ALBERTUS
Emmanuel ALBERTUS · ago
It was a pleasure to be your teacher! Now, go win this thing!!!
Image of Mai Vu
Mai Vu · ago
nice <3
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
Thank you, Mai <3
Image of Tuanhai Nguyen
Tuanhai Nguyen · ago
I had recalled the song "Love of my life" by Queen band then i retrieved this poem again. And, i screenshot the poem this time.
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
Thank you, I'm glad that my words are worth screen capturing and make you feel such ways.
Image of H Tran
H Tran · ago
ლ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)ლ
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
<3 <3
Image of Tho Phandam
Tho Phandam · ago
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
Thank you!
Image of Hằng Hoàng
Hằng Hoàng · ago
Love your work
Image of Nha Nguyen
Nha Nguyen · ago
Thank you!