Short Fiction

I wear a mask!

Joyce Scott

“Put on your mask,” Victoria said.
“What?” asked Michael.
“We have to wear a mask. I wear a mask and you wear a mask,” answered Victoria.
“Why?”... [+]

Short Fiction

A Fine American

Bolivar T. Caceres

p class="p1"> The FDNY said he was six months older than their maximum age requirement. He wasn't gaunt, invalid, or haggard. He was a healthy male mesomorph, maybe with a few grays, which is time's... [+]

Short Fiction

Out of Reach

Julie Wilkerson

He was reaching for the top shelf then stopped. He moved his eyes to the next, lower shelf down and chose a jar. His hair was sheet white and his body frame resembled my father, tall and heavy set... [+]

Short Fiction

Trespassing—a Criminal Offense

Mark Budman

The dryad who lives inside the oak tree has been terrorizing the condo building dwellers for generations. She throws acorns and pours sap and drops pollen on their cars, and causes severe allergies... [+]

Short Fiction

All American Boy


Boo barked and danced in a circle, which meant  Ethan Salazar was at the door. Ethan grew strawberries and vegetables on his truck farm in Madison, CT. He was something of a celebrity at the... [+]

Short Fiction

Paper and Ink

Mountain Nose

She didn’t think herself a racist. She’d had black school friends, worked with black women at the restaurant, and watched Oprah daily.
But when her seven-year-old, white daughter brought... [+]

Short Fiction


Richard Risemberg

"There's a likely spot," Chris said. He nodded in the direction of the highway bridge. The bridge carried traffic over a culvert and a utility road that led from a shabby warehouse district into the... [+]

Short Fiction

I Married Alien

Mary Finnegan

“We are gathered here today to unite this...”
John Lennon's Imagine fills the magnificent cathedral with music understood by us all.
The only one willing to perform this legal ceremony... [+]

Short Fiction

First prayer

Mozafar Ahmed Babiker

Midnight Rendez-vous
In our land, fishing is not just for surviving, it is a way of life. I've been on fishing boats earlier than I've been standing on my feet, the same goes for the othe... [+]

Short Fiction

Maize of Color

Tony Martello

During the time of the ancient world in this land, the color was a gift of light granted to us to determine the vitality of plants, animals, and the weather. What our eyes would not see our ears... [+]