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Join the author, Tony Martello on mini reading adventures that can be read in under 5 minutes. Explore interesting humans, wild nature, and the interactions between. He is a Californian and Hawaiian surfer with publications in Atherton Review, Rigorous Mag, route 7 review, Forbidden Peak Press, October Hill Magazine, and New English Review.

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Short Fiction

Maize of Color

During the time of the ancient world in this land, the color was a gift of light granted to us to determine the vitality of plants, animals, and the weather. What our eyes would not see our ears ... [+]

Winner - Community America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Short Fiction
Creative Nonfiction

Green Springs

I always wonder if cavemen and women knew what time was? And if so, did it seem to accelerate and decelerate to them, as it appears to us today? The concept of time has only changed recently (a few ... [+]

Finalist - Community America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Creative Nonfiction

Leaves of Elixir

Collaborate with me-branches and leaves...
As a whole body
Like a green organism ... [+]

Qualified Short Fiction Contest 2020 - Poetry
Short Fiction

Islay's Vision

Mountains blanketed in gold, sleep soundly near the undefined line of the nine gatekeepers of Lucia, capturing any sea-wolfs daring upon the land.  These wayfarers end up as prey caught in ... [+]

Qualified Short Fiction Contest 2020 - Short Story
Short Fiction

Blue Beak

When Pat grew up, he worked his way out of the glades to the Gulf by feeding on a variety of fish and vegetation but seemed to have the most luck with bluegill and blueberries along the waterways and ... [+]

Qualified Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction

Disarming El Cabron

Friends told me when you adventure to Baja California you want to drive a crappy old car and let your hair grow out. Also, avoid shaving and grow a beard and downplay anything of value. The ... [+]

Qualified Set Stories Free 2018