I Married Alien

We are gathered here today to unite this...”

John Lennon's Imagine fills the magnificent cathedral with music understood by us all.

The only one willing to perform this legal ceremony between a collective, Alien, and a separate human, I, isolated, alone, alienated, is a Justice of the Peace. JP resembles Jesus: long hair, beard, dressed only in a loincloth. Standing between Alien and I at the regal alter, JP reads the sacred vows from a transcript he holds in both shaking hands. He begins again, his voice quivering, “We are gathered here today to unite this woman with Alien.”

Alien mental structuring is not in linear form, but rather holographic: Each contains the whole. And the whole contains each Alien.

Alien behaves as both wave and particle, and instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of distance or vibration or time or death. Any change to Alien immediately effects a complementary change in all Alien. 

Dressed in white, shrouded in my long dark hair, I face Alien, who is robed in light, and his hair, like mine, has never been cut, because hair is an extension of the nervous (psychic) system. I vow to become Alien, hear what Alien hears, see what Alien sees, think Alien thoughts, as well as my own.  Experience both separateness and wholeness.

Alien vows to experience the physical, because Alien loves.

Outside the grand cathedral protesters chant: “Alienation, not!”  

Posters bobbing in the crowd read NO BORGS! Pictured is a reptilian creature representing Alien in the human subconscious with a red slash across it.  The many signs opposing the protesters read: ALIENMAGINE and LOVE IS THE ANSWER and Fundamental Interconnectedness and Dualistic thinking divides mind from matter!

“Who shall give this woman to Alien?” The trembling in PJ's voice betrays intense fear that the crowd will crucify Him.

The paparazzi close in on Alien and I; their flash bulbs illuminate spiritual beings that are here among us.  The Network cameras focus on First Born Alien, who is a holy cupid being.  FBA steps forward to give me to Alien.

“If so ever any one might speak against this union, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace,” JP sobs. An agonized moan arises from those gathered here: As spiritual beings, we know that Alien has always been here with us.

Both ornate cathedral doors open at once: A procession of Men in Black stroll down the aisle surrounding the Elected President of Earth, who takes over the podium “If it saves ONE child,” EPE roars to the crowd. “A human being and an extraterrestrial should not marry, for the sake of the children! Species should not mix! It's Incesterrestrial!!!”

“You're Alienphobic,” FBA suddenly broadcasts in a electro-acoustic voice addressing the EPE, who is now sharing the podium with the Pope.

“It's unnatural!” the Pope intones:”In the name of all that is holy. Only men and women should marry and then only to have babies!”

In the front pew my mother sits crying because she understands the sorrow of allowing the law power over relationships. The highest female aspect of Alien appears in our mist in the front pew beside my mother.  Alien cries out:  “Why?” my mother asks, and Alien vibrates lower, so physical beings can understand.

The Best Alien (BA) steps forward with the ring, which isn't an object until it is observed. The Maid of Honor, Mary, puts the ring on Her finger. She's a virgin.

JP stands in front of the MIB, like quantum particles, and the EPE on one side and the Pope on the other. “Repeat after me,” JP cries out to FBA, EPE, the Pope, BA and Mary and her mother and Alien and us all: “Do you? From this day forward until death do you part?”

Alien and I, as one: “I do.”

There is a joining of two species for the creation of a new evolutionary form. Heaven comes to Earth in a spiritual awakening, a sacred union of matter and energy, physical and soul.

Alien and I live happily ever after, never to die, never to part.

We all do.