Short Fiction

Spoken Words


Gravity’s hands pushes against my body. Pinning me down on my bed. For the past two days, it’s been like this. The only time I’ve gotten up was to use the bathroom. Eating is on the bottom of my ... [+]

Short Fiction


Jill Farinsky

Beneath me, the wind howled as it whipped tiny clumps of dirt up and over the side of the cliff. Even a few feet back from the tipping point, the air caught in my clothes, billowing them out like a ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Greatest Feat


As my car shuddered to a stop, I reminded myself again that this was the worst idea I’ve ever had. Who asks their crush to prom a week before it happens? With a groan, I let my head fall back onto ... [+]

Short Fiction

The End?


All things at the molecular level are made of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. In the end it merely changes form.
I open my eyes with anticipation. Good, I think to myself, I am still here ... [+]

Short Fiction

Act of Courage


She listened while he spoke. His voice was like a fuzzy caterpillar and barely audible against the glow of the holiday lights, sparkling blue and green, white and gold. Tiny bulbs like fireflies in ... [+]

Short Fiction

Letting Go

Lisa J.

Vrrrrrtttt...Katie jumped as her phone vibrated her out of her daydream. “Hello.” she said with a slow hesitation, hoping this was the call she had been waiting for all day.
“May I speak ... [+]

Short Fiction

Escaping the Dark


I sit here in the dark wondering where I am. Another day of not even knowing what is going on right in front of me. I hear the footsteps-- heavy, loud. His hand grabs my arm, the whole thing fitting ... [+]

Short Fiction


Victoria C

The old woman comes around every day. Selling her beloved chuk-chanti in the Ugandan village. The spicy delight brought warmth in the poor souls at the market.
No one knew what age she was ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Respectful Resignation

D.L. Hunter

Amanda’s heart was beating so hard it threatened to break the walls of her chest, but this paradoxical fact still remained: she was a dead woman.
She took one last look down at the words ... [+]

Short Fiction

When I Awoke

Tiffany Rini

All I noticed was a loud beeping sound. My eyes were blinded by the white light above me. Each passing minute made it clearer as to where I was. My eyes were sore, and I just started feeling my ... [+]

Short Fiction



Edmund smiled up at the sun as his hands rested gently on top of the box of old records. There were thirty one. Two of them double albums. He was twenty-three but dressed like a much older man ... [+]

Short Fiction

My Name is Derek

Crowe Rowe

“We have a sub in Mrs. Abernathy’s class!”
My blood runs cold at the words, my PSP hanging limply in my hands. The Dissidia boss I had been so desperate to beat a second ago blasts my ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Swimmer

Madeleine Pron

They had been at the beach all morning, the three of them baking slowly, going into the water at different intervals and for different lengths of time. Their positions on the beach were similarly ... [+]

Short Fiction

Chocolate Rocks


The salty ocean air whipped against her small body, shaking her. Rocks rolling against each other as the tide pulled pebbles back to the water filled the emptiness that managed to make her feel more ... [+]

Short Fiction



Kay stared in wonder at the sprawling castle that loomed larger and larger as the van bumped its way up the driveway. She had seen pictures of course—like the one on the front of the study abroad ... [+]

Short Fiction

Facing Our Giants

Danielle Monique

The myth of the Giant is a scary one. many people claimed to have seen this Giant, but they all describe it differently.
It was a Giant with wings! Michelle exclaimed, and it grabbed me and ... [+]