Facing Our Giants

The myth of the Giant is a scary one. many people claimed to have seen this Giant, but they all describe it differently.

It was a Giant with wings! Michelle exclaimed, and it grabbed me and flew me into the sky.

No, no, no. It didn't have wings it had flippers and fins, and it didn't fly it was pulling me down deep into the pool. I was so scared I can't swim what was I supposed to do? Said Laylah Michelle’s twin sister.

AJ said, well maybe it can swim and fly! Good thing I'm not afraid of either of those things! That Giant doesn't scare me.

Well I know what does scare you. Not the Giant but Mark the bully, and here he comes said Michelle.

AJ tried to stand still maybe he could turn invisible, Mark never hit AJ, but he did say lots of Insults in a loud voice that scared AJ and almost turned his soft curly brown afro into a white electrocuted look!

This time Mark walked right past AJ, and the bullying was avoided for the day.... whew! A good sigh came over them!

Another day spared! Back to our talk AJ said, so where do you find this monster?

At the playground! Laylah said

Yeah and he comes and gets you when you all alone on the swings! That's when he snatches you and flies you up Michelle explained.
No, no, no! a tiny voice came from behind. He comes and gets you when you are crawling in the tunnel and tries to keep you in darkness forever! I hate the dark! I'm so scared, said AJ’s little brother, who for some strange reason they just happened to call cookie.

Well AJ since you are not afraid, why don’t you go to the playground, said Laylah we all hate the park now and stopped going because of the Giant.

Yeah! Just go And tell us what happens I'll be just a few seconds, minutes, or more like hours away....hehe said Michelle

Ok well if this is what you all want I have no problem I don't believe in this giant monster anyway. Said AJ

Ok so it is settled if you face the Giant we will all be free to go back to the park! Said Laylah

AJ went to the park as promised he sat there, and nothing happened. Boring! He shouted come on out giant I want to fly! He crawled into the tunnels, he got in the pool, got on the swings and nothing happened. He started to walk home, and a huge shadow covered the playground when he turned around it was the Giant!

He was expecting the Giant to pick him up and fly him around or put him in darkness he was stunned and shocked to see the Giant, but not afraid at all. Something was strange he was a normal giant no wings not fins just a normal Giant.

That was until he turned green and started yelling and saying mean things to AJ.....AJ got so afraid his hair turned white and the brown curls in his hair turned as straight as straw!

He ran as fast as he could, and tried to hide, why is he different why isn't he flying? Or trying to put me in deep water? Why this happening? This is so terrible!!! The giant was on his tail but AJ crawled into the tunnel. He heard science and then he left. And ran home.

AJ ales his friends and told them what happened no way they said we don't believe that....they laughed at AJ how is that scary he did fly you up try to put you in darkness all he said was so crazy words loudly...

But they hurt AJ said, words hurt.

Wow I'm sorry they said we didn't mean to laugh at you. Your fears are just as real as ours, I guess bullying can be scary huh. Maybe you can tell Mark what you just told us,

Yeah you went into the park by yourself to face that giant you were so brave, you can do it said cookie you are my hero!

What if he hits me or something said AJ

Well, that's when we bring in reinforcements said Michelle

What's that? Re-in what? Said cookie.

Oh... we just mean we can get an adult. Said Michelle

Oh yeah good idea said cookie, I always tell my teacher everything, that just how we get down in Pre-k! We always ask for help and tell on each other.

Ok cookie, thanks for your help. said AJ.

The next day came and it was time for AJ to face his fears. Mark the bully came and AJ was ready.

Mark walked right up to AJ and screamed move out of the way now loser! and laughed

AJ stood there, his hair remained curly.

Impressive cookie said
AJ said in a clam nice tone, I won't let you bully me anymore, it's not cool and I don't like how you treat me.

What are you going to do about it? Said Mark

Call the re-installments! said cookie in a loud and confident voice

He means reinforcements, said Laylah. We will let the teachers know about your bullying

Mark responded in a high pitched voice, I was just joking, trying to make everyone laugh so they can stay my friends

Well how about you tell knock jokes instead, AJ suggested

Those aren't funny Mark exclaimed

He's right about that, said cookie

Yeah, but we will be your new friends and we will laugh at them for you said Laylah

After a long pause, Mark smiled and said I'm sorry I hurt you, no one has ever told me how I made them feel, I didn't know it hurt you. His eye filled with water and he began to cry.

Looking at him cry made his seem smaller, and less scary. At that moment AJ knew how to face the Giant.

Hey Mark, how about tomorrow you meet us at the park and we can all hang out

But the giant! Said Michelle

AJ said quietly I know what to do about him, we will take care of that right now.

As they children walked to the park AJ explained that the Giant was just a real like version of their fears, you can't swim Layla so he came to you in water, you are scared of airplane Michelle, so he made you fly you are scared of the dark Cookie so he put you in darkness and me I was afraid of bullies but not anymore.

As they all got to the park they made a deal after today each would conquer their fear by learning to swim, sleeping without the night light, and not pretending to be too sick to fly on an airplane when it's time for family trips.

As they finished talking the Giant showed up AJ walked up to the Giant and said. You have no power here. The giant stood there and smiled.

Than came Laylah and Michelle, your days of torment are over!

Yeah, your days of tornadoes are gone said cookie.

The Giant looked shocked and started to shrink nooooooo! he said as he disappeared

He's gone said AJ.

No, he's not said cookie. I see him right there, he turned into Bug! an ant! I know an ant when I see one.

Wow, said Michelle, when you face a Giant they turn into ants.

Yes said AJ, Fears are Giants, until you face them.