Translator, traveler, writer, fiber artist - creating keeps me alive. Maine and Galiza are my homes.

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Creative Nonfiction

Coloring Outside the Country

America, I can’t color you in. You don’t exist. America is not a country. There are three Americas: North, Central, and South. You can't be drawn on any map. However, I will color you a name ... [+]

Short Fiction


She was a shapeless blob. A huge, shapeless blob. Her kaftan flopped around her gouty ankles. Her midriff was a Michelin tire – not at all resembling the sensuous pear-shaped form of the Earth ... [+]

Qualified Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction

Act of Courage

She listened while he spoke. His voice was like a fuzzy caterpillar and barely audible against the glow of the holiday lights, sparkling blue and green, white and gold. Tiny bulbs like fireflies in ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Set Stories Free 2018