Short Fiction

The Cycle

Neelam Batra-Verma

Nina sat all dressed up, in clumsy makeup and low cut silver shiny blouse, on a bright magenta saree, her bright red lipstick, staining her teeth and bleeding on the corner of her mouth. Every ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Palace of Light

Dexter Bellingham

Javier: “Francisco.”
Francisco: “yes, Javi?”
Javier: “Can we take a break? My feet are sore.”
Francisco: “No, just a little farther we are almost there.”
Javier: “You ... [+]

Short Fiction

Candy Hearts

Isabella Miranda

“Be mine”, crunch. “XOXO”, crunch. “Say Yes”, crunch. I alternate sips from the glass of Merlot sitting in my left hand with the candy hearts I’m gorging with my right. Looking at the ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Red Dress

Sophia Whitney

Memory is a tricky thing. It could be altered too easily, Arthur thought. But maybe that was just because he was particularly good at tripping people up, getting them to confuse real events with ones ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Shore


So heavy...feeling tummy hurts...
I slowly open my eyes, only to see myself lying on an unknown beach. The sand stings my body—still better than lying on rough pointy stones, I ... [+]

Short Fiction


Sarika Chawla

I met you on a tired Parisian morning, half-asleep as I stumbled off a plane into an oversized airport and nearly fell to the ground because I couldn’t believe I was actually in Paris. My parents ... [+]

Short Fiction

Catching My Death

William Martindale

Well, since you ask me for a tale of the doomy and macabre, I think I may have something which will tickle that spooky bone of yours. Which is to say, any of them. Ugh.
It was on a midsumme ... [+]

Short Fiction

Swallowing The World

Christien Anastacio

Her son, she often boasted, was serving as a fighter pilot for the military—and from the look of things she believed it herself. Mrs. Gallows seemed quite proud of her little soldier. Although he ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Runaway

Wendell Loh

Justin looked up at the tired faces sitting opposite him in the waiting lounge. Most looked travel-weary, and all of them were asleep. Except him. He was still awake at 1am in the morning, waiting fo ... [+]

Short Fiction

Our Sign of Parting

Daniel Arias

Suddenly, everything became blurry and dark. When he awoke, the Raven, having left its perch above the bust of Pallas, had settled on his chest.
“This is a curious place to take a nap,” the ... [+]

Short Fiction

Quarantined Bonds

Peter Jaskiewicz

The morning rain was loud, and it took away the light. As much as I wanted to head out, I couldn’t. But the weather wasn’t the only thing keeping me inside. Our world was under attack by a virus ... [+]

Short Fiction


Akosua Amoabeng

I’m blind. I lied. I want a do-over.
Yeah, it’s all true.
“Dude, how are we going to finish our dance?” my partner Jake screams as we pace backstage.
“Shush, I don’t know! And at ... [+]

Short Fiction

He Who Last Saw Raphael

Miquela Berge

He was mine and mine alone, Dorian thought to himself. The "Portrait of a Young Man" and me. The man in the painting adorned a black beret, dark hair, and an opulent fur coat. Not so bad looking for a ... [+]

Short Fiction


Sarah Rowe

The crowd thronged around Larry as he shuffled forward. Its members shoved past him like a rushing current, heedless of courtesy in their excitement. He forgave the jostling, of course, for his mind ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Tree House

Nicole Morgan

Ricky looked up at the ladder and swallowed, nervousness mingling with excitement. The tree house he’d been asking Dad to build for almost three years now was finally done. Well, all except the rope ... [+]