The Thorns on a Black Rose

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It all started on the first day of school, Gunther was a new student at Windcastle High. He wasn’t your typical teenage boy; he perceived the world “differently.” He first saw her when he accidentally threw his pencil case at her head. When she turned around, Gunther knew he was going to be hooked. He was amazed by her black hair descending her shoulders like a freshly washed-silk sheet, sending a strawberry perfume floating through the air. She had those grassy green eyes that twinkled a smile on Gunther, and finally, when she walked, she resembled a stealthy panther in the forest bringing her soft lovable voice alongside her. Gunther was in love. “Excuse me? Earth to weirdo! Don't ever come near me again!” Gunther heard from his goddess. She then stormed off with her friend that Gunther had just now noticed.

For the next few weeks, Gunther would try to talk to Holly, his goddess, but she would only make fun of him, bullied him. This broke his heart, all though he wasn’t easily hurt, he always had the last word. One day while he was eating lunch, she came near him for the first time. For the first time in his life, he felt loved. “ Hi!” She told him. “Hi.” He softly answered. “I'm sorry for how I acted, so I brought you a peace offering!” She said handing him a gift. Gunther didn't hesitate one bit and ripped the wrapping apart, not one second wondering why the whole cafeteria was looking at him with eager eyes. “Ketchup bomb!” Yelled the kids as Gunther’s face and body got covered in red. “Ketchup bomb!” They yelled again. Holly stood on the table and yelled “Hey Everyone! Gunther had his period!” The cafeteria roared with laughter as Gunther started smiling he got up and pushed Holly to the ground. He leaned in close and whispered at her. “That's enough sweetheart, now it's my turn.” He lets go of her arm and skipped out of the cafeteria leaving Holly and the carolling students perplexed.

On his way out he bumped into Holly's friend. “Gunther right?” She asks him “Yes.” He answers. “Look, I know how Holly can be, trust me if you want to talk, call me!” She hands him her phone number and gives him a loving smile.

Despite everything that happened today, Gunther still feasted on Holly's face with a burning desire, he loved to hate her. It was beyond his power, he had to see her again. That night he followed Holly home. He sat on the other side of the street, and drew her house, imagining him and Holly together at every line he drew. When he looked up, he saw a black cat roaming inside the house. He decided to buy her four black roses and tied the drawing to it. He then wrote her a little note saying: I like your black cat sweetheart. He tied the whole thing together and put it somewhere special.

The next morning, Holly found four Black Roses on the front seat of her car.

That day, Gunther went back to school with a sensation of happiness flowing through him, he felt complete. When Holly saw him she shoved him against the wall. “What were you doing in my car, you creepy bastard!!!” She yells. Gunther did not say a word, he just smiled in a sick twisted way. “ Stay away from me! I mean it.” She starts to run off but notices her friend that stayed behind. “ Cassie, come!” Cassie tilts her head slightly and smiles the same way as Gunther before running back to her master.

Gunther did not know why he liked the sensation of stocking so much. It just made him feel like he had a purpose. That night again, he followed Holly home, but this time he climbed the tree in the backyard and drew her window. As he was drawing, he saw Holly walk in wearing red pyjamas, she looked sad. He tied it all with three black roses and wrote: red pyjamas and crying don't go together sweetheart. And he put it somewhere special.

The next morning, Holly found three black roses tapped outside her window.

When Gunther went back to school he noticed Holly was acting differently, she looked a little troubled. Gunther didn't realize that Holly was starting to panic. She slowly approached Gunther “ It's you! You're doing this! Stop, please!” But, Gunther just smiled, as always. When Holly walked away, Cassie got close to him and whispered in his ear. “ It really is you?” Gunther doesn't answer. Cassie laughs and skips away leaving Gunther as perplexed as the students were at the cafeteria.

That night Gunther once again followed Holly home, and for the first time, he drew her. She was sleeping. He carefully drew every mark on her body stairing at her defenceless soul, reading her like a book. He could see all her fears, all her vulnerabilities, he could see the real Holly. That night, Gunther knew how Holly was feeling. He bought two roses and hooked everything up with a note that read: Even when you sleep, you are a vulnerable sweetheart. He left the flowers somewhere special.

The next morning Holly woke up with 2 flowers eerily resting on top of her.

Holly did not come to school the next day, Gunther was sad that he couldn't see Holly, but Cassie was there smiling at him, even making him feel uneasy. At the end of the day, Holly arrived at school to pick up her stuff. All the kids have left for home except for Gunther, who was sitting in the hallway, drawing a black rose. When Holly saw him she froze. Her heart started to beat faster than it ever could; For some reason, she thought that he was going to kill her that night. Gunther stood up with the rose and gestured Holly to take it. “It's a peace offering.” He says with that sick twisted smile he always has. Terrified, Holly backed away into the wall with Gunther pushing the rose in her face. He slowly approaches her face, breathing down her neck feeling her body with the flower and whispers “ I love you.” Holly pushes him away cutting herself on the rose thorn. A drop of her blood falls onto the white tiled floor. “ I don't! You psychopath!” Gunther heard those words, he processed them and understood their meaning. Holly did not love Gunther. “ You don't love me?” He says dropping the rose on the one drop of blood, staining it red. “No! you are a sick freak leave me alone!” She screams like a little girl. Gunther gets closer to her, holding her back. “Well, that changes everything Sweetheart.” He kisses her cheek and steps back. Holly looks at him with tiny eyes, eyes of a gazelle face-to-face with a lion. A few minutes pass and Holly runs away from Gunther leaving him alone with the stained black rose.

That night, Gunther did not go to see Holly. Instead, he decided to call Cassie, but she wouldn't answer. He fell asleep to Holly's face one last time.

The next morning he woke up with cops at his bed. “Gunther Matthews you are under arrest for the murder of Holly Steinfeld.” He was stunned, he did not kill Holly! Why would he kill the only woman he ever loved? The policeman cuffed him and pushed him outside, once in the car, he noticed something poking his back, when he pulled it out he found a black rose stained with blood and a note attached to it: You and me Gunther... see you shortly, your soon to be lover, Cassie.

Poor Gunther who had never learned to love the right way, and when he finally understood what it was, he fell in the arms of the wrong woman.

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