Short Fiction

The other place

Amaranthe Ivory Violeta

Here in this place of other, I am an observer.
On an eerily tall mountaintop, I stand. It’s dark shadows and peaks crawling high up into the ether, allowing for a birds eye view of the world ... [+]

Short Fiction


Lea Lanzalotto

The clock strikes 12. The hour of birth. The hour of candlelight. The dawning of time. The hour of unanswered screams on an empty road. A cold wind whistles through the forest. The unseasonable chill ... [+]

Short Fiction

Strange Territory

Emily Rittammer

Tethered by a single cord.
There is a steady beat. Like a drum that shakes every cell. There is darkness, but I feel surrounded and held. It is so warm, and safe? Maybe. The ... [+]

Short Fiction


Gregory Dent

The white tea towel, printed with cacti and the jolly phrase, “Looking Sharp”, resting on the oven handle in my kitchen stains brown from my finger. This has become the preferred method to test ... [+]

Short Fiction

Golden Girl

Lauren Lanzalotto

“Look out!” Chance screamed, accompanied by a stuttering step in my direction, seeming to want to chase the volleyball he had sent careening in my direction, but hesitating at the last second ... [+]

Short Fiction

No Backing Down

Allison Pewett

His heart pounded as he stared at the makeshift cage which imprisoned his fearsome foe. He tried to convince himself that he was ready for this moment. But was he? He had spent hours studying his ... [+]

Short Fiction

After This, Will I Fly Too?

Maryam Zafar

The planetarium is closed for good.
Merciless black letters splayed across the sign up front, the yellow banner blocking Saturn’s dancing rings in more ways than one.
They only dance ... [+]

Short Fiction

Sitting Ducks

Caitlin Wert

We now rest like bugs hanging onto the blades of grasses underneath us, intertwined like we were on our little blanket on the hill. Water soaked through every pore under our backs, seeping into ou ... [+]

Short Fiction

White Trainers

Elaine Zhu

When I got home, mom was already cooking dinner. The aroma of oxtail stew traveled faster than her voice, sickening me a little in a humid summer evening. “How was the tutoring?” It was terrible ... [+]

Short Fiction


Nicole Barrus

The balcony overlooked the colorful and vivacious town. Sounds of laughter and music, smells of delicious food drew her attention to the festivities. Happiness trailed into the sky, meeting the stars ... [+]

Short Fiction


Shayla Frandsen

Gemmie adjusted herself on the stool and glanced at the clock—5:17 pm. Kevin’s evenings always went the same: an early dinner of vegetables and protein at 5:30, carb loading at 7:30, then nothing ... [+]

Short Fiction

Reina, Who Sees Cars

Ada Cruz

There are no cars, you’re only imagining, her husband scolds. Just go a little slower, Reina wants to say, but she knows it is not a woman’s place to say such bold things. He knows what he’s ... [+]

Short Fiction

End of Time

Kiran Wheeler

Unfortunately, time has stopped.
This may surprise you, because time is seemingly omnipresent and has governed our lives for so long, but the thing about time is that it’s completely ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Lovely Afternoon

Jacob Rutzick

Rick hadn’t figured out what he was going to do on this date. He had been building up the courage to ask her out for weeks and weeks, and he had always thought that the details of the night would ... [+]

Short Fiction

Stevik's Ark

McKinley Sprinkle

The giant machine was almost empty, and had been that way for the last three centuries. When the man had found it, slowly sinking into the lazy sand of the trackless wastes of the Gobi, it had already ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Thorns on a Black Rose

Zanthia Berube

It all started on the first day of school, Gunther was a new student at Windcastle High. He wasn’t your typical teenage boy; he perceived the world “differently.” He first saw her when he ... [+]

Short Fiction

Roger and Sue

Samantha Lofgran

Roger was very good at planning and very bad at being alone, which is why he’d always selfishly hoped to marry someone at least five years younger than him.
He knew he’d have to wait a few ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Red Lipstick

Niki Farivar

When I woke up, we were surrounded by water as far as I could see. You smiled at me.
I smiled and nodded my head as Hi!
I stretched a bit. You handed me a cup of tea and I ... [+]