sidewalk cardinals

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watch, cardinals are springing along the sidewalk; it’s 8:00 AM and the wet sidewalk is cluttered with red berries; cardinals like blood clots; there are particular cardinals, which spin their heads; their little skulls and hats spinning like wooden tops; these little cardinals are flattening red suns along the sidewalk; it’s perpetually 8:00 AM Sunday morning and the cardinals are carrying berries into the pines; the liquid pines are churchsteeples; some of the cardinals are spinning deep through heavenfluid; the pope flattens red suns into little berries; let’s watch cardinals unclutter the sidewalk; cardinals like red suns; how many times have you been the pope? see, cardinals are springing through the church parking-lot; undying cardinals are swallowing red suns; it’s 8:00 AM and cardinals are clotting the sidewalk; here, cardinals perpetually spin their skulls; their little skulls are swivel-twitching like dynamos; if someone’s lungs spring into a clot of cardinals, collect the cardinals inside your pockets until they are full; how many cardinal skulls can you fit inside your skull? let’s pull cardinals to bits; I have a mouthful of cardinals when I talk with you; a child flattens a cardinal into a coke can; it is raining at 8:00 AM and the cardinals are melting into puddles of Coke-a-Cola; how many cardinals is a mouthful? the child hollows cardinals into toothless churchsteeples; if someone has a mouthful of cardinals, they will manifest themselves as the Verb of God; a child flattens little heavens of cardinals into a game of 52 pickup; the pope declares all bustops to be churches and all skulls to be hats; the cardinals are unscrewing their heads into tremendous red suns; walking the path worn in the grass; my tongue is a hollow cardinal, twitching; walking the path into the grass; how many cardinal caps would it take to carry all these berries? Stan the Man is spitballing cardinals into the low grass of left field; hear the unspringing cardinals inside the child’s palms? the churchsteeples are swallowing the underlying pines; how many cardinal caps would it take to soak up heaven?

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