Short Fiction

The Red Lipstick

Niki Farivar

When I woke up, we were surrounded by water as far as I could see. You smiled at me.
I smiled and nodded my head as Hi!
I stretched a bit. You handed me a cup of tea and I ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Bassoon Player

Callie Holloway

The house on Eleventh Street boasted a stout reputation of being haunted. Mr. Scott Reynolds, a skeptic by nature and a cynic by nurture, did not believe in ghosts.
The first incident occurred ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Point Shoes

Nicole Newman

The point shoes that she had worn in her ballet classes had not aptly prepared her for the tiptoeing that she would need to do throughout her life.
Carpets made of eggshells and roads paved ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Tumultuous Lullaby

Evan Smith

Dimensional rifts are common.
In fact, they are so common that in many universes they are not noticed anymore. Dimensional rifts are the cosmic connections from one universe to another, o ... [+]

Short Fiction

Yellow Crayon

Sophie Houghton

Mr. Stesso was annoyed.
The 7:30 bus was late and an unshaven man with a large bag took the seat across from him two stops in. The bag cramped Mr. Stesso’s legs, and he could smell onions ... [+]

Short Fiction

You Never Saw Me

Blair Johnson

She had spent a particularly long morning in the forest. Too long. She knew the risks, but they were hard to remember on that idyllic morning, the rays of sunlight stroking her into submission to the ... [+]

Short Fiction

Harvest Moon

Sabin Bottomstone

His mother told him a story, once. A story told to her by her mother, and to her mother by her father, stretching all the way back to the moment their family came to be.
He’s heard stories ... [+]

Short Fiction

I Want To Set Myself On Fire

Mira Dhillon

He can’t believe he’s made it this far. Every blink his eyelids perform proves to be a battle. One lapse of thought could drown him in the depths he won’t have the nails to claw out of. But fo ... [+]

Short Fiction

On Fanta Peak

Talia Johnson

Everyone around me is crying. The soft background noise of sniffling and tissues crumpling is the only thing keeping me in my seat as some old woman sobs at the pulpit. My tie is choking me. I only ... [+]

Short Fiction

The End Of Stories

Scott Cummings

The day they dropped/the end of stories
Once upon a time, a boy lived by the seaside. His family lived modestly and took great joy in what little they had. While his father was out fishing ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Walk On Pointless Grounds

Joshua Saville

It was midday and Joseph was at the end of an arduous drive. As the sedan pulled along the final stretches of the meticulously kept brick road and hedgerows, a sigh of relief escaped from him upon ... [+]

Short Fiction

I'm Not a Rebel

Ellie Smith

I sit against the gnarled old willow tree staring at the book in my hands but seeing only my priscilla pink nails. The ludicrousness of it has finally hit me. Why spend a few hours making sure all my ... [+]

Short Fiction

Air Thief

Julia Hackstaff

The moment I turned the corner of our street the sweet scent of Mexican marigold inundated my head and a crisp and nostalgic chill ran up and down my spine and out through each one of my limbs... My ... [+]

Short Fiction

late night texts

Lucas Zuehl

Today 12:47 AM
hey caleb, are you up?
Today 1:06 AM
ok well I thought I would be able to tell you this tonight, and believe me I tried, but you said you had to go so ... [+]