Code Gray

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Hello, this is Liza, but that’s not important now. The calendar ends here. “ They” want to find us and hurt us. But let’s start from the beginning, okay?

One gloomy day, little Gretta and Eric (her dad) were playing Twister in the living room. They were having so much fun! But suddenly, they heard noises, screams if you will, from some type of creature. They looked out their window and saw strange, tall, black creatures. Gretta began to cry at the scene and say, “Daddy, are they okay? Do they want to hurt us?” Gretta said something else, but her words were so quiet and vacant, it was as if she left reality for a second or two.

As they froze in fear, still looking at the window, they saw and heard a person say “RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN! ” That was their wake up call. So they opened the door and ran for their lives. They rushed towards a police officer who was telling them to go to the big woods. They were running to the woods with no gun and no food. All they had was a small knife and each other.

Hello again, this is Liza, but that’s not important right now. You know those “strange, tall, black things,” well, we call them “They”. “They” are really bad, they eat humans. They don't just eat you, no, no, no they get violent, really violent. You never get used to it either. Back to the story.

The police officer followed them into the woods because Gretta was only seven years old. They walked for a while and then out of nowhere, a “They” jumped out and impaled the officer with its limbs, he then died of exsanguination. Gretta screamed and Eric had to cover her mouth so that “They” could not hear.

You know who I am, I don't really need to tell you. Anyway, I told you they are violent. You haven't even seen it in real life, and you were grossed out. It’s probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Not probably, it is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.

But a “They” still heard her screams. So, Eric picked up Gretta and ran faster than ever before. But as they were running, they saw a “They” standing in front of them. Eric got a good look at it and realized, They have no eyes. The “They” must have sensed Eric because it let out one of those “screams”. The sound was driving Eric insane, so he did what he had to. He stabbed it repeatedly.

Liza here, so Eric did what he had to do, to save his little girl, but when you kill a “They” the other ones come to the dead body. I’m not saying what he did was stupid or wrong. I’m just saying that what he did, will cause other people trouble.

Eric felt like a monster. His hands were shaking with fear, and were covered in the blood of a “They”. Eric looked at Gretta and said, “ Hunny, I did what I had to.” “If I let it live, it would have killed you”. “Right now, you are my number one priority.” Gretta replied by saying “Daddy, are we monsters?” Eric thought for a while as they walked towards a stream and then replied by saying “No, we are the exact opposite of a monster. A monster would not save his or her family.” He held Gretta close and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Sup bros, here’s a fun, gross, ”They” fact: a “They” has thin, white, milk-like blood. I know how Eric feels. It is really gross. The first time it got it on me, I thought I was going to die. But, it actually can't harm you.

Eric found a bucket next to the stream and filled it with water. He let Gretta take a sip and then he took one himself. Then, Gretta broke the silence, and said: “ I knew you weren't a monster.” She returned Eric’s kiss and fell asleep on his leg.

When Gretta woke from her long nap, It looked as if they were in a different country. Instead of houses, there were barns, and it looked very dry. Gretta rubbed her eyes and looked in astonishment at the land around her. Eric said with a small grin, “ Did you have a good nap?”
Gretta was too tired to answer, so she gave a small nod.

As night began, Gretta whimpered and shivered in the cold. Eric knew that he couldn't chance Gretta getting sick, so he walked to the nearest drug store and stared at it for a while. He was waiting to see if there was a “They” inside. He did not see one, so he nimbly sprinted to the door. As he swung open the door, holding Gretta on one arm, and his knife in the other, he rushed inside.

Once inside, Eric found the store obviously abandoned yet somehow still illuminated. Eric quivered with fear, but he courageously trudged towards the isles. He picked up potatoes, cans of beans, rice, peanut butter, and Gretta’s medicine. Then he stopped by the bathroom, checking it carefully before Gretta went inside, and then he went in as well.

Greetings! You know who I am (Liza)! When Eric was younger, he loved to camp, until he had Gretta (he was only seventeen years old); so, he kinda knows what he’s doing. Gretta is doing really good too. She’s only seven, but she kinda understands what’s going on. See you in a bit... bye!

Eric gave Gretta her medicine, then they went off to find shelter. As they were walking on the side of the road, sneaking to a bush or tree (so they didn't get seen ), they heard a noise. It sounded like a truck or car. The noise got louder and louder. It was as if the car or truck was getting closer, and closer. Both of them hid behind a tree, laying flat on their stomachs. From behind the bush, Eric saw the vehicle, it was a gray truck and there was somebody in it. “Could this be shelter or danger?” This thought went through Eric’s head over, and over again. He had to take the chance, he just had to. He told Gretta to sit and stay quiet. Eric ran out to the road and got the truck to stop.

If I were Eric, I would have ran away when I heard that truck come. I guess I’m not that brave? No, I am. One time, when I was five, I drank a whole hot sauce bottle. I’m amazing! But, Eric might be a little braver than me. Well, bye for now!

When the car came to a stop, Eric saw a “middle-aged” woman sitting in the front seat driving. She had ginger hair, and was about forty years old or so. Eric told her their situation and the lady tenderly replied by simply saying,“ Well, my name is may stay with me and my husband Rich, for a couple of weeks.”

Eric went behind the tree where Gretta was and said,” Hunny, we're going to stay with this woman, and her husband Rich for a couple of weeks...Is that okay with you?” Gretta agreed to that by softly saying, “Okay Daddy”. Then she kissed him on the cheek. Eric picked her up and sat in the front seat, with Gretta on his lap.

Since we're getting to know each other, you can call me Lizzy. That’s what Meemaw used to call me. I miss her, but I can’t get emotional now, can I? I’m sorry my voice is cracking, cheerio!

When they got to Lana’s house, they noticed it was quite large. It was made out of dark, brown wood. There was a massive glass window on the outside. Eric and Gretta ran inside, stumbling on the brick stairs as they entered.

When they got inside, they saw a man cooking stew, (this was probably Rich). Rich motioned them to the table and introduced himself. Then, he offered them some of the stew. Eric ate three servings and Gretta ate one and a half.

Over time, Eric began to trust Lana and Rich more and more. One night while Gretta was sleeping, Eric woke up to get a sip of water. While he was getting water, Eric saw a note on the fridge. It said, “We're so sorry, we had to go.” Eric looked outside and saw that the truck was still sitting there, untouched.

Now it’s time to tell you the rest of the story, (it’s about me). This is the future, well the stuff with Eric, and Gretta happened a couple of years ago. I’m going to tell you what’s happening now.

“They” can hear people from a mile away at this point. They have gotten more advanced over time. Right now, their chasing after me. I’m running as fast as I can. But I hear a voice in the building next to me, it’s saying, “Code Gray”.

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