19   259 readings 5 min
Yet it was there, right there, in the corner at the back of the kitchen.
Emma could not understand. Her fridge, which she had opened just an hour ago to take out a tub of blueberry yogurt, was ... [+]

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11   72 readings 1 min
Bella had long brown hair that swayed behind her as she walked down the library aisles looking for some books. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she spotted an old tattered burgundy journal one of... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
12   39 readings 5 min
Disclosure: This story was prepared for a Tall Tales speech contest. However, This is a true story about a real personal encounter with the supernatural. Read at your own Risk.

On a long ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
3   28 readings 1 min
Isn’t it tiresome to watch the world and all the meager dwellings of man below? At night, you’ll see that even the most vibrant traces of life are dimmed. Is it particularly interesting, then, to ... [+]

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Sophie, ago

Antiopa couldn’t breathe.
She writhed within the thin membrane holding her, unable to determine what was her and what had been her body, a thick soup which held her, constricting, and shifting ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
11   85 readings 5 min
“I can’t understand what you want if you won’t talk to me!” April stood in the middle of her bedroom looking at her husband Frank lying on the bed.

Frank pulled the comforter over ... [+]

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10   20 readings 5 min
“Finally. Finally. I found you my queen of the world. Gaia mother to all that is now and to all that has been. Your temple which has been lost for so many years has finally been found, I have found ... [+]

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10   21 readings 5 min
That night I woke up with a start.
The phone, resting on the bedside table, marked four thirty-six.
I turned to my husband to make sure he was asleep and then I stared at the wall facing the... [+]

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RB Frank, ago


“That’s my chair.”

The old man stood before the girl and adjusted the blanket draped over his arm. Mocha-schmocha something swirled around him and everyone else in ... [+]

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Arrivals Unwelcome

PJM, ago

I smell the spices on the skin of the young man in the window seat next to me, the acrid odour of fear permeating his shabby robes. Essences of unbelonging.
His anxiety unnerves me. I hate ... [+]

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17   29 readings 5 min

Washed Up

Lucia Depp, ago

I sat on the shaking wooden bench of the ship watching everyone else dance and drink. All my friends made me go with them on this cheap “cruise”. In reality it was an old creaky boat the ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
14   50 readings 1 min

A Dog's Gold

MAF, ago

Mama used to tell me greed was for the dogs, but it went in one ear and poured from the other. Now look at me, slobbering all over this brown woolly coat of hair while barking at every creepy sound I ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
7   34 readings 3 min
Aaron cares for much less than hope could ask for. There is a leash tugging a collar of a tag with his name on it. There are the subtle communications he gives with a pull to keep me keeping up with ... [+]

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Mollie Rosie, ago

Kenny approached his midterm exam with all the confidence his older sister had whenever she paraded into a dressing room with size 4 jeans. It was the Monday after spring break, and Kenny's professor,... [+]

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16   49 readings 5 min

Colleen Didn't

GTF, ago

Colleen sat in the window seat of the second row of first class, watching the jet bridge tremble slightly each time a passenger stepped from it onto the aircraft.
Four hours earlier, as she was ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
33   92 readings 3 min
"Sit, sit!" The girl said, pulling out a chair. I sat down as the five-year-old placed a plastic teacup in front of me.
"How is Princess Lillian doing today?" I asked her.
"Lovely. How is ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
12   39 readings 1 min
The faded white of my bedroom walls filled my vision as I awoke in a cold sweat. The street lights outside causing me an uneasy feeling. No matter how many attempts I made to escape this hellish place... [+]

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larajane, ago

The imagination is a wild and wonderful place. It helps you envision the world in a beautiful array of colors, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells. It helps you see the world like no one else. Even ... [+]

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