Short stories are buttoned up, complete worlds that once turned inside-out, will weave their way into conversation and thoughts, demanding to not be forgotten. Short Édition’s button fiction, stories of 8,000 characters or less, can be found in unexpected places stretching from San Francisco to Boston, France, Hong Kong, Australia, and beyond, hidden within the black box of a mystery machine — the Short Story Dispenser — and waiting to be discovered at the push of a button.

From February 12th to March 12th, Short Édition invited all writers to submit a short story for our Button Fiction, Spring Contest 2019. Every submission was considered for publication in our Short Story Dispensers and we awarded a total of $1,450.00 to selected winners: one juried winner and one public winner were both awarded $500, and three juried runners-up were each awarded $150. The Jury winner and runners-up were offered a publication contract with Short Édition.

This is Short Édition's first international contest, and we can’t believe we had the opportunity to dive into more than 250 stories written by writers representing more than 20 countries around the world!

Button Fiction is storytelling brought to life at the push of a button.


Things to know

  • There is no theme for this contest.
  • We will accept one submission per author.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you tell us if your work is accepted elsewhere before the end of the submissions period (March 12th)
  • We are open to fictional short stories of all genres (excluding erotica), themes, and styles.
  • All stories need to be less than 8,000 characters, spaces included.
  • All stories will be published on the contest website until winner announcements for the online community to read, comment on and vote for their favorites.

button fiction travels around the world

Contest Timeline

February 12th to March 12th
April 2nd to April 16th
April 16th
  • Submit your short story of maximum 8,000 characters (spaces included)
  • All qualifying submissions will be published on the contest webpage shortly after receipt
  • The public is invited to participate in the selection of 10 of the 30 finalists by reading, commenting on and voting for their favorite works
  • 20 stories selected by the Editorial Team as finalists
  • 10 Stories selected as finalists based on the highest number of votes from the online community
  • April 2nd: Announcement of finalists
  • One winner and 3 runners-up selected by the Editorial Team
  • The public winner selected by the community
  • April 16th: Announcement of winners


For all questions, please contact us here or at