Making an Ass

E J Delaney

Kate had butterflies in her stomach. Tonight was the nativity play; everything they'd rehearsed for the last month. Kate knew her lines and her song. She was fine with that. The problem was, they ... [+]


I Want to Be a Pencil Sharpener

Eszter Molnar

It was dressing-up day in school soon, and Daisy and Mummy were talking about Daisy's costume."What would you like to go as?" asked Mummy. She held up a beautiful dress. "A princess?"Daisy shook he ... [+]


Here's Ears

Ann Garrett

Elephants use their ears as fans;they're so much bigger than a man's.They scatter pesky flies with ease,and really stir up quite a breeze.This dog is called a Basset Hound.His tummy almost skims the ... [+]