Poetic Thoughts On Crossing The Delaware River

Image of Poetry

There were two

Acting role written as ‘cool’

One from the first state

Other an empire whose façade outside looks great

Table chances inside the beachside resorts

A drive through free federal highway really short

Rest in peace trip place where it ended

Airline industry needed young American Donald as a defendant

Amusement Pier now a gambling game

Bridge span has Delaware’s Memorial name

A simple river is the gap

Historical fiction worthy for an enemy to be trapped

Sports book came to Joe

Why go to Trump Taj ? “I don’t know!”  

Beauty pageant on the seashore NBC Peacock streaming reel

Financial whiz kid authors “Art of the Deal”

Atlantic City Polo League benefit little chukkers  

Casino charities benefit from twenty four hour suckers

Joe married University professor

Second Lady Title was how the people address her

Eight years Joe neighbored the White House

Back up commander using the rhetoric computer mouse

Reporting to General Public

Who basically replied, ‘good luck with it’

Today our leaders inform ‘wear a mask’

If going out to do our tasks

An invisible bug

Graves could be dug

While POTUS in a war of tug

Wrestling issues

From citizens needing tissues

Trying to survive 2020 summer

Socially honestly is a bummer

We listen to them

Reflecting on freedom invented by Franklin Ben

Hopefully it won’t be as cold

As the winter Valley Forge turnpike toll

Sit back let the revolution scene play out

Then in four years everyone will be able to shout


For this pair works for us

And we drive The American Independent Rock Star Bus