Isosceles II (Incorrigible)

M. R. Cain is a Central European translator. He enjoys boxing, beaches and verses on napkins in seedy cafés. "Isosceles II (Incorrigible)" is in Short Circuit #10, Short Édition's quarterly review.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #10
I'm a triangle
my edges are hard
always snagging on the soft, soft world
my scars are triangles too
red where the cancer was cut out of me
it failed to kill me: I killed It
white where a sailboat's anchor
hit my instep
my eyes are triangles—they penetrate
my sex is a triangle—it penetrates
I'm a red triangle
and the triangle blade of my vocation
will be pried from my sinew-fingers
only when I'm cold
and free at last
in the great circle world.

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