Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #11
We became a hyphenated word like
honky-tonk, long-term, six-pack, full-time

We dropped the dash like
butterfingers, afterthought, upstream, everything

We fit the mold, independently, like
half of something more complex

We simplified it;
I stepped forward when you stepped back

You stepped forward when I stepped back;
We blended into one word,

A portmanteau, like
spork, smog, froyo, brunch

A portmanteau is a suitcase
It opens into halves

I don't think we've closed up
But we have less friends than before

Or we see them less. And I worry
They don't care

/don't know
If I'm smoke or if you're breakfast

Because I can't even remember
When we leave together

We will pack separate bags
And I will have to

I will pull my roots out like
Etymology can help us

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