Short Fiction

A Tree of Time

Nelson Marquez Machado

In a land far away but not so far from yours there was a small kingdom. It was not the most prosperous, nor the most powerful or wealthiest. But for many years people from across came people to see ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Vivisection of Hominis


Look! Just barely nick the coronary, and don’t look away. I’m only tearing my lungs out, and maybe my heart too. Mostly I just want to be empty. Right now I’m packed almost to bursting. Slice ... [+]

Short Fiction

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Max Chambers

"Hi. My name is Max," I state flatly. "Hi Max," responds a cheerful chorus of voices seated in the crooked oval formed by our metal fold up seats. Every Narcotics Anonymous (or NA) meeting starts ... [+]

Short Fiction

Those old Pokemon Friends of Mine


So, I had three best friends growing up. We all met as the only kids in our school that played Pokemon. It was hardly that popular back then and even when it did get popular nationwide, no one else in ... [+]

Short Fiction

Death of a Star

Matt Eddy

Ramona Blank was sixty-one years old when she realized that her life was a lie. Not the type of white lie told daily by everyone, but an earth-shattering lie; a lie to end all lies. In her youth she ... [+]

Short Fiction

Foolish Rumblings


Through his jaundiced eyes
He can hear, can feel
Foolish rumblings emanating
His backpack lightened as the gravel cracked like bones beneath his feet, the weight disseminating through his ... [+]

Short Fiction

How I Took Back My Body

Madison Seitchik

When I was eleven years old the world felt like it was moving so fast. Too fast. So fast that I wanted to physically slow it down, but when I did, my brain was so confused that I couldn’t keep up ... [+]

Short Fiction

The City Stole My Body


I woke up in the middle of a busy city.
I have been taken. Someone stole me. They snatched my body from its home in space and brought me to this gritty ball called Earth. Everything looks the same ... [+]

Short Fiction

What I Can Remember


I never wanted to grow from this. I came into your office brimming with resentment. You know that. My mother’s tears drove me there after she scraped the truth off my tongue. It wasn’t fair. Two ... [+]

Short Fiction

Ring of Fire


A young, brunette woman carried her blonde infant to the local Realtor. In her purse she kept a small stack of money.
“Lady, what do you want this time?” the man asked, his voice harsh. ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Orphan Girl

Myrna Yousuf

“What if they come for her?” cried Zarina frantically.
Zarius pointed at the door of the orphanage, “We just have to trust them.”
Zarius put down his daughter at the steps of the ... [+]

Short Fiction



She repeats the word slowly, tonguing it, pushed from one side of her mouth to the other, the taste enough to offend, and yet still, she finds herself curious of the flavor’s true origin. ... [+]

Short Fiction

Small Revolutions

Morgan Sullivan

“You know,” my best friend, Maggie, leaned forward in that same enticing way a child does while passing along a secret.
She was always starting her thoughts off like that. You know? They ... [+]

Short Fiction

Transformation of beautiful life

Mohammed Arman

We are creatures of learning, each molded into an individual by our experiences and traditions. But I am more than a culture or experience. I am anything I wish to be: an athlete, a bookworm, an ... [+]

Short Fiction

Catastrophic Loss

Jeffrey Lee

Everyone I know and love is insane. My dearest friends are always joining the army, the CIA, the mafia, the Socialists, the Nazis, or the Greens. If I only *like* people, they ask me to defend the ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Legacy We Leave Behind

G. Scott Gilston

The dark pressed back, accompanied by the endless presence of the crisp winter air. It was New Years Eve, and the year 1995 was approaching fast. There they lay, Erik and his proud grandson, Pete ... [+]