The Orphan Girl

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“What if they come for her?” cried Zarina frantically.
Zarius pointed at the door of the orphanage, “We just have to trust them.”
Zarius put down his daughter at the steps of the orphanage, took one last longing look and knocked on the door. He took Zarina’s hand and they both hid. A women dressed in soiled clothes came out. She gasped when she saw the small figure of a baby on the footsteps of the door. She held the baby and scanned outside. No one was in view so she headed inside.
Zarius whispered, “She’s in safe hands.”
Zarina replied, “I hope so.”
They both held hands together and disappeared. Inside the orphanage, Rose was staring at the baby. Though she wondered who had left the baby, this wasn’t something new to her. Often young children would be brought to them if no one was willing to take them in. Rose took the baby to Sarah, who was in charge of the orphanage.
“Sarah, look.”
Sarah looked surprised,“Did you see anyone?”
“There is an old crib in the basement. Also get a fresh towel and maybe we can try to fit some of the smaller clothes we have.”

“Rose! I’m going to be late on my first day!” cried Linda.
“Remember to focus on class, don’t get too close to people, you know why.”
Linda sighed, “Yes I know.”
“Good, we don’t want a repeat.”

“Linda come play with us! Let’s play tag.”
“That sounds fun, sure!”
They all began running around frantically all over the playground. Jackie was headed towards Linda, but she tripped and fell.”
“Ow! I hurt my knee!” Linda ran over to Jackie.
“Let me see.” Linda looked at the bruise on Jackie’s knee and she started to feel a tingling in her hand. She didn’t know what came over her, she put her hand over the bruise and closed her eyes.
“What are you doing?” asked Jackie.
Linda opened her eyes and removed her hand, everyone gasped at the sight. The kids started whispering and Jackie looked at her knee with wide eyes.
“She’s a magician!”
“She’s probably an alien!”
“How did you do that?” asked Jackie in awe.
Linda didn’t understand what she just did, she began to panic and cry. The teacher saw the crowd of kids.
“What is going on here? Linda darling come here, tell me what happened.”
With tears in her eyes Linda asked“Ms. Beatrice, can you please call home?”

Linda walked into Rowen Academy and started scanning the area with her eyes. She held the locket around her neck, it gave her a strange sense of peace. She was looking for the office, when she suddenly bumped into someone.
Linda looked at the person. “Ss-sorry.”
“No my fault, I was rushing. I’m Jake.” He held out his hand. Linda ignored it.
“Uh, Linda.”
“Hey Linda.
“I-uh am new, I was looking for the office.”
“Oh, follow me. I’ll show you.”
Jake was waiting for her, even though class had already started for everyone else.
“Thanks. You didn’t have to wait for me. Aren’t you late for class?”
“Not a problem. Can I see your schedule? ” Linda hands over her schedule. “Well would you look at that, we have all the same classes except for math! You don’t talk a lot do you?”
“We should get to class.”
Jake and Linda became really good friends. She would tell Rose all about Jake, but she was always warned to not get too close to him. Linda didn’t want to lose a friend like him, she thought maybe she should tell him. Today she was going with Jake to a carnival. She decided to tell her secret to him then.
As Linda gets ready, Rose walks in. “Linda. Be careful. The minute you feel anything wrong you come straight here. Okay?”
“Yes Rose, I get it, I’ve heard this a million times.”
“Sweety, I have to keep reminding you, if anyone finds out, it could mean trouble, I want you to be safe. Understand?”
“Yes, I understand. Can I go now? Jake is probably waiting.”
“Okay, be safe, and don’t be too late.”
“Got it.” Linda heads out the door to meet Jake.
Jake and Linda were having a great time, they played games, and explored the entire carnival. The wind started to pick up really fast. Linda had left Jake to go to one of the bathroom stalls. As she tried to open it, the door wouldn’t open, she pushed, shoved, and hit the door to no use.
“Jake! Anyone! I’m stuck! Someone please help me!” All of a sudden the stall started shaking. “Wha-ah-huh!” White mist was seeping out as the door opened on its own. Everyone at the carnival seemed to have disappeared. She felt afraid. Tears began streaming down her face.
“Oh my god Jake! I’ve been looking for you everywhe-”
“I know what you are.”
“Wha-what are you talking about?”
“Don’t act dumb. I know you are a Sarfayan, I knew it the day I met you. I didn’t think any of you even survived.”
“J-Jake what are you saying? I don’t understand.”
“Let me explain then.” He pulled out a small dagger and made a cut on his wrist.
“What the heck are you doing?!”
“Do you feel it? I know you do.”
Linda was shocked, it was the same feeling she had gotten at the playground. She couldn’t help but want to heal him.
“Jake, this isn’t funny.”
“You’re not who you think you are. You’re not even human. You just look like one, it’s all an illusion.” He took out a black rock and shot it straight at Linda, her human illusion broke into that of pale sparkling skin, blue eyes, and long white blonde hair. “You belong to Sarfay, a planet that once flourished with your kind, but the king refused to create alliances with the Agos, my people. You Linda, are the daughter to the Sarfay king and my father wanted to have us wed on your 16th birthday. You are mine. I have come to take you.”
“No! I’m not going anywhere!”
“Yes. You. Are!” He grabbed her hand and blue light shot out from Linda’s hands that forced him away.
“Oh so now you’re playing hard to get?
“Jake please stop, you’re mistaken!”
“Linda, darling, I make no mistakes.” His arms grew bigger, his hair fell into long braids, his skin green with speckles of black and his eyes were a striking cobalt blue, that looked like it could freeze Linda on the spot. Linda ran.
“You hid for 15 years! You think you can hide again!” He ran after her with great speed. Linda had suddenly felt more energetic, her speed increasing as she weaved her way through the carnival. She quickly hid inside a circus tent and shut her eyes.
Why me? Someone please save me. I wish I listened to Rose.
You are safe. We are always watching.
“Ahhh!” Jake grabs Linda.
“I finally got you, that was no fun, too easy.”
Who are they? I see a man with a blue beard and pale skin like mine and a woman with long white hair with emerald green eyes. I see flashes of their faces come in my dreams, and now it’s as if I am talking to them.
“You are a Saryan, you can fight, focus on yourself.”
“It’s deep within you.”
“Jake please, I’m just really scared. Aren’t you my best friend?
His face softened,“Fine.”
You have the power, use it.
Linda could feel a strong force inside of her, her hands began to tingle, her body buzzed, she could feel herself strengthen.
“What are you doing?”
“I can see you glowing.”
A strong force of light shot out from her hands and hit Jake right in the chest.
“Ahh! You crazy-”
Another force of light shot him hitting his leg, causing him to falter. Linda didn’t know what she was doing, but she could feel the energy pulsing through her hands like electricity.
You are a Saryan.
The man and woman seemed to appear in front of her, they smiled at her. She was momentarily distracted.
“No one can save you now!”
Jake staggered in his movement. The man and woman focused their eyes on her locket. Linda opened her locket and sees a blue mist sucking in everything. Linda faced the locket towards Jake, the energy in her grew and transformed. The blue mist swirled out towards Jake and wrapped around him.
“No...No! No! This can’t happen-!”
The mist sucked him in towards the locket and he was gone. Linda stood there in shock. She breathed heavily processing all that happened.
I am Linda, and I am a Sarfayan. I am strong. Something big is about to happen, and I have to be ready for it.

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