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“Yeah,” Darius said into the phone as Jessica, the receptionist, made no attempt to disguise her eavesdropping. “I just finished the work-trade shift and will take a class with Hannah. After, ... [+]

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A woman who claimed to be a chimera called the library most Tuesdays, on the old line they never got around to disconnecting after the renovations. The call went straight to a yellowed phone hung on... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Short Fiction Contest 2019 - Short Story
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Our new house really felt like a home, with cockroaches and two pit bulls and a palm tree and a chain-link fence. On that first day, I heated up a can of kidney beans for breakfast and ate it ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Short Fiction Contest 2019 - Short Story
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On his way out the door to a meeting with a client, the husband said, “We should have a baby,” and the wife, pointing to one of the windows that overlooked the driveway, said, “We already have... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Short Fiction Contest 2019 - Short Story
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“Are we there yet?”

“Not yet, dear.” I responded, “Just a few more minutes, okay?”


The day started off like any other day, the sun was shining and the winds ... [+]

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“This is a tale about how all things end, the story given by his ladyship who will watch us go. It is an epic on the reunion bathed in extinction and consummated by sorrow. So make your beds, and ... [+]

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Muscles tensed. Eyes slitted and glaring, although with hatred or fear it is difficult to know. Spittle flying along with invectives.

I am a wall. I am a wall. I am a wall.

I am not a ... [+]

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Jerome's after-school routine was simple, efficient, and mechanical. As soon as he stepped off the bus, he was already unzipping his coat so that he could slip out of it by the time he reached the ... [+]

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The attic was a mess. Piles and piles of rusted knick-knacks, worn-out books, and moth-ridden clothing took up the majority of the cramped room, leaving only a small path from the ladder to the ... [+]

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Just around sundown, Tina burst into Justin’s apartment and informed him that he needed to stop whatever he was doing because something big had just come up. Startled, Justin set down his cereal ... [+]

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Slipping on your rain boots for the first time, they’re heavier than you remember; it makes you wonder, how will you get through the day? You knew it wouldn’t be easy, what with the first downpour... [+]

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Meghana swam through her mother’s make-up collection, swishing off specks of silver as they burned into her skin. I warmed the flat iron and twisted each lock of my straightened curls. Steam ... [+]

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My father’s last words to me were “Catalina, estás llena de gracia, comparte tu espíritu.” Or, “Catalina you are full of grace, share your spirit.” He wrote these in the form of a letter... [+]

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Moon-Face had lived among us for many summer days, but nobody actually knew her name. She just appeared one night, like a fox who had scavenged one dead city and had now moved on to another. We ... [+]

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You ever bury someone? How about bury a priest? How about bury a priest as a fucking detention? I have. Do you know what's it like to be sent into your high school chapel, thinking you'll be doing ... [+]

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There is a species of jellyfish that exists just in one lake on this entire planet. Every morning, before the sun rises, these jellyfish travel to the surface of the lake so that algae that live ... [+]

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Flipping through the pages of her journal, she looked for signs of development. Did she accomplish what she set out to do?

Flips page.

If a stranger were to read her entries, what kind ... [+]