The Legacy We Leave Behind

The dark pressed back, accompanied by the endless presence of the crisp winter air. It was New Years Eve, and the year 1995 was approaching fast. There they lay, Erik and his proud grandson, Peter, reflecting on the innocence of youth's elusive existence.

"Hope you one day live to see your future unfold in a manner that compliments your true self" Erik imparted.

Peter paused and stared into the soul of his beloved grand father. "But what is fun about having your life go exactly as planned?", he inquired.

“My boy", Erik refuted, "there is no such thing as a plan, only the actions that you take which allow you to mold the legacy you wish to leave behind."

Peter took a second to collect his thoughts. "So how were you able to further your own legacy once you were no longer able to see what your future had in store?"

Erik laughed; "My boy, the light that leads you down the path of life can guide even the most desperate of wanderers to the pond before dusk. For even In the realm of vast darkness peaks a future all but unseen" he replied.

Frail but full of life, were the words that rattled off of Erik’s sharp tongue. Peter had suddenly become interested in all the wisdom his paternal grandfather had come to share. He gazed on in awe, hoping that Grandpa Erik's tales were far from over. Indeed, they were exactly that. As the night carried on, so too did the ballad of Erik Wright.

At once, Erik turned towards the direction of Peter, and calmly began to teach:

“The hourglass of life
It drips and then it drops
That grand old clock upon the wall
It ticks and then it tocks

I cant explain mortality
But I can explain my life
I relied upon vitality
To separate myself from strife

The struggles and deficiencies
The blows I had to bare
Were far outweighed by victories
Of which I was aware

To leave behind a legacy
Is all a man can ever wish
An ocean full of wildlife
Will not notice a useless fish

To carry on without vision
Was not a curse at all
Without my sight it all was clear
I needed to stand very tall

So tell me Peter
Who are you?
And how do you identify
With all the ups
And all the downs
And all your feelings deep inside.”

Peter gazed into the distance, trying his best to answer the question asked by his dying grandfather. His thoughts were jumbled. His mind moved fast. Yet still, he was able to mutter the following words:

“As I try, to decide, who am I
I confide, In A Lie, To Get By

While Considering the truth Of
a statement too uncouth,
To rely, on the eyes, in the sky

So I carry on the journey I've been taking on my way
Towards the fire thats been burning each and every single day
As I listen to the music that the man in charge will play
I just dance the tune, look towards the moon, and wonder who am I?”

Grandpa Erik smiled and placed his frail arm on Peter’s shoulder, and simply said; “You will know, soon enough, who you are, my boy.”

The day was January 1st. The new year was upon us. And as 1995 promptly began, Grandpa Erik’s life had sadly come to an end.

Peter and his family had just experienced a great loss, as their beloved Grandpa Erik did not wake up that day. The family was devastated, but Peter knew that he needed to spend the day reflecting... figuring out how to make meaning of this sudden loss, and how to reminisce on all the good times he and his grandfather had spent together.

The day went by very slowly for Peter. As dusk approached, Peter found himself back on the very same hill that he spent the previous night on, this time without Grandpa Erik by his side.

At this very moment, Peter heard his grandfather’s voice. The words ruminated in his mind; “tell me Peter, who are you?” And all of the sudden, Peter had a moment of clarity. The transformation of identity had begun.

Peter got on his feet and stood up tall, puffing out his chest, and declaring the following proclamation:

“Looking at the stars I see light in constellation,
Smiling with joy while showing my appreciation.

As that twinkle in my eye exudes much of my elation,
I can't help but think of contributions we make as gods creation.

What we practice in our lives varies through each and every nation,
But to lead a life towards progress is a universal expectation.

Making meaning of the good and bad requires much contemplation,
But ceasing every minute of our days should be a mandatory recreation.

Doing right upon ourselves might catalyze ego inflation,
But the confidence we show the world carries a powerful representation.

As we clear our minds and continue along this unplanned life vacation,
Be sure to live a life that resembles the core of your foundation.”