Short Fiction

Highlight of My Day

Sarah Brewster

Kassidy James sighed as she tossed her sky blue backpack onto the piano bench that sat in the center of one of the thirty-something practice rooms in the music building of her college and smoothed... [+]

Short Fiction

Bar Lines

Kristen Loughlin

The first time it really hits me, I’m staring at the peeling paint on the doorknob.
I long ago memorized the feeling of coming home – the click of my key in the door, the scent of Mom’s sti... [+]

Short Fiction

Grow Me a Garden

Loretta Moore

Who could have guessed that life could become livable again when the Covid-19 hit.
My husband and I became deeply affected when on December 26, 2019, I went into the hospital for emergency... [+]

Short Fiction


Misty Sol

“nappy head, nappy head, I catch your ass, you gone be dead”
-Assata Shakur
Girl you pretty
You so pretty with all that nappy hair
Stand up everywhere
Girl you pretty
No... [+]

Short Fiction

Connecting Flight

Jodi Monster

p class="p1">The man in line behind Alice wore a navy suit with well-shined shoes. It was six in the morning and Heathrow was waking up; the duty-free stores were still shuttered, their roll grills... [+]



Leah Lumeya

Discomfort, distress, disquiet, dismay
Simply from wearing a mask all day.
What is it... [+]

Short Fiction


Emily Tobin

I had kept myself up at night worrying about college from the age of five. At the time, I hadn’t even known anyone who went to college or anyone who was planning to. I first heard about college... [+]

Short Fiction

The Midway & The Sun

Joshua Skrinner

Savron is only performance art
For the actor is him
And he is them.
Savron is only them
For they are only him
And I am only Her.
We are together one... [+]

Short Fiction

Nights and Weekends

Kristen Boligitz

“Another day, another dollar,” Jenn sang to herself as she slid into the driver’s seat of her Toyota Sienna, closing the door behind her with a soft thud. She mounted her phone on the... [+]

Short Fiction

Flowers for the Machine Man

Kira Pelletier

The engines whirred in the darkness. Jones could see their scarlet glow, dimming and brightening in time to the thrum, which meant the gears inside were still turning. Still alive. Almost like the... [+]

Short Fiction

The Ride

Gabriella Pavlakis

The vivid green canopy hung over her like a blanket protecting a child from hidden monsters. As she biked along the concrete path, Emma’s mind was clear of all the stress from the outside world... [+]

Short Fiction

Sweet Dreams; A Discourse on Dreams

Nikki Gallant

What are dreams? Are they the great interrupter that plagues our souls, condemning us to disappoint and tearing us from our very seams? Are they this unattainable goal yet vivid enough as if... [+]

Short Fiction

The Immanence

Robert Friedland

On a raining early morning in late December, I was standing at the window of my home on the tenth floor of an older high-rise apartment building in Richmond, British Columbia.  A condominium.  The... [+]