Blackness in Despair

Black, Yellow, Brown, your shade of fate begins, how early did your fight begin? Predestined by the plight for the depth of your skin. 
Pigment reflecting generations of lies. It was the fearful colorless we should despise.
“He lied, he raped, he stole” they said. Outlined and defined by figments of shame. Hopeless accusations you’re always to blame!
He took it! He did it! Say it ain’t so! A nigger, a coon, boy you weren’t to grow. 
We enslave you, we beat you, tried to break you instead we slay you.
BLACKNESS! What have you done? Your skins’ existence you must shun. 
The earth, now vast, born of your loins still you mustn’t reap the harvest of life seeds that lie beneath?
What nation to esteem you, which generation to heal you? Will we ever see the day; our boys can grow and fathers can stay?
The soul of earth has found you out. How dare you! How could you! Still we shout! 
Your secrets exposed yet we rage, with stories told but mankind unengaged. 
Desensitized is the nation for normalcy of Blackness down and colorless free.