Grow Me a Garden

Who could have guessed that life could become livable again when the Covid-19 hit.

My husband and I became deeply affected when on December 26, 2019, I went into the hospital for emergency surgery. Following that event, I was transported into a hospital rehab center for further recovery time that I needed. The rehab period lasted quite some time, almost a month and a half, which meant I was there at the time the Corona Virus came on the scene. The nurses and everyone there began whispering about the dark, fearful virus claiming life everywhere. My heart began to pump hard with fear. Thank goodness my release happened just before the virus overwhelmed the rehab where I was. Probably as a result of combined post illness and the virus, a sense of gloom and doom took over. I Returned home lost in depression. 

By then Spring arrived, and my husband, hoping to lift my spirit decided he'd grow me a flower garden. Our home has a sizable front lawn with a wonderful little knoll. The hilly place is where he got busy, digging and planting, plus he hung baskets with beautiful flowers on the porch, and added other adorning flowers to the surroundings. When all was completed, I can't tell you what a lift all of that flora adorning the surroundings did for my spirit. 

What an interruption that garden has been for me. It lifted me from my sadness to gladness!