Sweet Dreams; A Discourse on Dreams

What are dreams? Are they the great interrupter that plagues our souls, condemning us to disappoint and tearing us from our very seams? Are they this unattainable goal yet vivid enough as if they’re taunting our very being? 

 Sweet dreams, our loved ones tell us as our heads grace our pillow and we are transported away to fantasy island. Vivid, colorful, seamless dreams that guide us into adventure, love, heartbreak, horror, mystery. No wrong or right. All the grey area exists in these dreams. You are weightless, untouchable from the realities that plague our life. We wake hoping for just a moment’s longer of solace.

What do you want to be when you grow up? We’re asked to escape away from the reality of childhood into a future land where we can be anything we want. We all start off dreaming of who we are going to be, before we are even a being, we are a dream of our descendants. A gift to the very beings who bore us. We’re a canvas for our parents to make a great masterpiece. 

There’s a transition that happens to all of us save the lucky ones. We begin to realize our dreams and inevitable reality do not meet. They are drifters that brush by each other in the hall giving sneaky glances to each other knowing they’ll never be one. They’re two positive sides of a batter, seemingly perfect matches but deceitful to our minds. Dreams are a vicious thing giving us hope for a better future. In Buddhism they’re the very being that inhibits one from Nirvana. They leave us with an insatiable hunger for more. 

But what if that wasn’t the case. What if reality is the great interruptor that plagues our dreams condemning us to disappoint and tearing us from our very seams. If dreams and reality will never be as one which is the greater of two evils. Are dreams interrupting us from living our lives or is reality interrupting us from living our dreams?