Creative Nonfiction

Dandy Lions

Dave Bachmann

It was 1962, Wichita, Kansas.  My Dad surveyed the front yard—a very big front yard, a grim look on his face.   "Weeds," he pronounced sullenly, as if our front yard had become the equivalent of ... [+]

Short Fiction

80-Year-Old Hero

Elanor Lin

It was a muggy morning at Cozy Cottage Nursing Home, and the arthritis was bothering me pretty bad. Hurt to move. Hurt to type. Still does, matter of fact. That's why, when they asked me for an ... [+]

Short Fiction

Good Bones

Corrie Haldane

The realtor moves from room to room in silence. Charlotte and I follow, anxiously awaiting his verdict.   Through the kitchen, the living room, the study. Upstairs, in and out of bedrooms. He ... [+]

Short Fiction

Last Breath

L N Hunter

They always say the final sense to go is hearing, but touch lasts right 'til the end. Not over the whole body, though; I can't feel Dot's hand in mine, but this fucking diaper itches like blazes. I ... [+]

Short Fiction

Hopping Mad

Kathryn England

"This is the last straw," Alma said. She had just opened the mail at the kitchen table.   Sitting opposite, Walter peered over the top of his newspaper. "What straw is that?"   "It's anothe ... [+]

Short Fiction

The Sweetest Stench

Kevin Brown

My father died of heart failure the same Chinese New Year girls began to draw my eye over my ire. I wasn't present for his death but figured us square since he wasn't present for my life.    ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

Ponos Road

Edward Yatscoff

PONOS ROAD  PONOS was the personified Greek spirit of hard labor and toil.   The wide, gravel path snaked through a scrub meadow joining two working-class neighborhoods. Every kid in the ... [+]

Creative Nonfiction

To An Unknown Booklover

Susan Lendroth

I don't remember which I encountered first: Helene Hanff's book, 84 Charing Cross Road, or the Anne Bancroft / Anthony Hopkins movie of the same name. All I know is that decades later the title's ... [+]